The year 2021 is fast approaching and promises to be filled with new challenges. After an eventful year to say the least, consumer Malta Phone Number List practices and expectations have been turned upside down and companies have had to rethink their communication to respond with ever more skill. For brands, the time has come to prepare for the New Year with a rock-solid marketing strategy. Discover 4 wise tips for successful communication in 2021. 1. Use 2020 to better anticipate 2021If the year 2020 was rich in twists and turns, it allowed brands to question themselves. Learn from these upheavals and use them for your 2021 strategy.

To do this, look at the behavior of consumers on your various channels by analyzing their data to better understand their profiles and their new expectations of you. Take stock of the performance of your different media to determine which your communication will have the best impact. Monitor your online reputation by listening carefully to what is being said about your brand, especially on social networks, the use of which has greatly increased in recent months. In addition, do not hesitate to draw inspiration from the competition to assess your points for improvement. Those who are more successful than you, what are they doing differently?

strategic planning meeting2021 2. Show commitment and transparency
Consumers’ demand for transparency and brand honesty has been heightened by the profusion of disinformation on the web during the pandemic. In a climate conducive to mistrust, brands must position themselves as reliable information channels and prove their commitment to the causes that drive their community. Millennials in particular are uncompromising on the ethical dimension of companies and attach great importance to their actions and positions in their purchasing decision.

2. Show Commitment And Transparency

3. Find the right messageTo set themselves apart from the competition, some brands tend to opt for overly elaborate messages that add to the information overload to which consumers are exposed. To avoid falling into this trap, start with your in-depth knowledge of your community , its lifestyle and its needs, and get straight to the point to craft a concise and impactful message  Play with emotions The Covid-19 crisis and its repercussions on the socio-economic context have strongly affected the morale of consumers, who seek more than ever to draw positivity in their daily lives. Help meet this need by sharing content that will spark positive emotions in your community.



One of the major trends that we could observe in 2020 and which seems doomed to a bright future, is the marketing of nostalgia . The whole world is going through a difficult period, the outcome of which is still unclear, the need to plunge back into an idealized past to seek comfort is therefore stronger than ever. Capitalize on these emotional levers by playing with the codes of each generation to strengthen your community’s attachment to your brand and ensure that your products are mentally associated with pleasant feelings .

Don’t hesitate to use these tips to start 2021 on the right foot, and keep them in mind throughout the year to reassess and optimize your marketing strategy. To support you in this process and boost your performance on your various levers, contact us !To ensure that a successful digital strategy is developed from the start of the year, carrying out an audit is an essential step. This will allow you to assess all of your systems and practices through your various acquisition channels in order to identify the strengths on which to build and the avenues to explore to develop your strategy and maximize your performance on this news. year… full of promises!

3. Find The Right Message

From the engagement rate on social networks to the loading speed of your website and your ads on search engines, discover 18 points to audit to improve your digital strategy in 2021. Take stock of SEO
Levier incontournable pour une visibilité durable et rentable, le SEO requiert une attention toute particulière pour être efficace. Pour partir sur des bases claires, il est nécessaire de faire réaliser un audit technique de votre site web pour évaluer les freins à lever et les pistes à envisager pour booster votre trafic organique.

The user experience (UX) is becoming increasingly important, both to users that search engines, and therefore must meet the requirements of these. It is therefore a question of carrying out a diagnosis of Core Web Vitals , these new performance indicators which will be taken into consideration in Google’s ranking algorithms from May 2021. The Core Web Vitals include the LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), which measures the loading speed of web pages, the FID (First Input Delay), which evaluates the interactivity of the pages, and the CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift), which aims to check visual stabilityof a page. In addition, the image optimization, as well as the mobile optimization of your website, must be analyzed, the internal mesh and the overall tree structure must be checked, as well as the possible presence of 404 errors .

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