Nathalie Rocher, Marketing Director – Digital – Customer Service at O2 Care Services, has always worked in environments Guatemala Email List including technology. This appetite has proven to be invaluable in moving forward in the digital world. Its common thread? Putting his passion for the subjects of customer and digital marketing at the service of great brands. Its ability to adapt and learn continues to make the difference to seize opportunities and provide new and innovative solutions. You have been Marketing – Digital – Customer Service Director at O2 Care Services for 2 years, what have been your main challenges? As our company grew strongly and very quickly, the processes had accelerated very quickly. The marketing function was ultimately incomplete and was mainly limited to the marketing of the offer and the acquisition.

The first issue concerned the transformation of the organization in order to re-anchor marketing in its new missions. My objective is to support the company in its transformation: to move from a company centered on the product, service contracts, to a company centered on its customers in business. My priority was therefore to rewrite our positioning and our marketing ambition and to define the organization to support it. I started by recruiting to reconstitute teams with redefined jobs and missions: Digital marketing has become multi-channel marketing and is no longer limited to media buying and project management; The satisfaction service has evolved into a customer experience and customer marketing service to promote retention

What skills are you looking for in your teams?

A data manager joined the team to lay the first bricks of the data marketing strategy. Also, because of our network organization (350 agencies), I have also set up network marketing allowing us to work in perfect collaboration with the field sales organization. Secondly, it was important to build a positive dynamic around “quick wins”. Being at the interface of many services, we had to succeed in convincing and engaging our various collaborators, in particular on retention and customer satisfaction. Finally, I deployed an intense communication effort to share and bring meaning in order to install, in the medium and long terms, new projects. By putting the customer back at the heart of your strategy, what have been your main challenges?The first project that I launched concerned listening to customers and customer satisfaction.


We have deployed an Advocacy Marketing program in order to engage with us, our very satisfied customers, by having a very ROIste vision of this customer satisfaction. Based on email data, we have set up an automated process for capturing customer feedback at different points in the customer journey. The analysis of the verbatims thus collected allows us to quickly prioritize simple improvement actions dictated by the voice of the customer. n our personal service business whose customer experience is driven by people, zero defects absolutely does not exist. Faced with this, we must react by taking care to detect dissatisfaction and deal with them, but also by allowing our very satisfied customers to express themselves. As dissatisfied customers express themselves more spontaneously, we must re-create a balance, by automatically inviting all our customers to submit their authentic opinions online.

What qualities should a Marketing – Digital – Customer Service Director have?

We have thus obtained, in just a few months, four stars instead of one on Trustpilot. All of our agencies now have access to their clients’ opinions, and can set up retention actions. The redesign of our website was also very important, being our first lever of customer acquisition (lead generation). Started when I arrived, I was able to support this project in a perfect collaboration between the marketing, communication and IT departments. Here too, the customer was at the heart of our approach: differentiated personas, customer journeys and validation by end-of-cycle user tests. Finally, we are now addressing the data issue. Data is plentiful within the company and unfortunately cannot be activated from a marketing point of view because it is “locked” in an ERP. We are now working on the implementation of a single customer repository (RCU) creation of a marketing datamart,

the deployment of a marketing automation platform, in order to create new customer and prospect relationships, by personalizing our communications. We want to improve our customer knowledge to better satisfy them. We can see that for you, digital represents a real opportunity to improve customer relations. Where does your conviction on the subject come from and your determination to carry out ambitious projects that make it a reality? First of all, I am passionate about my job, which is one of innovation and transformation. This prerequisite is, in my opinion, to draw the necessary energy, strength of conviction and managerial courage. However, it is impossible to do it all alone. It is above all a teamwork that requires commitment. My mission is to bring to the people with whom I work a vision, meaning.

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