What if you surprise your customers. For example with a quirky social media post? Ramadan begins on April 2 On April 6. The goes Entrepreneurs show (formerly the Entrepreneurs’ Show) is held. A 2-day entrepreneurial event to boost business and growth. April 7 is World Health Day. A particularly topical issue since the Covid pandemic. Sunday, April 17 is Easter Sunday, followed by Easter Monday. This celebration celebrates a flagship product chocolate. It is synonymous with family meals and the children’s egg hunt.

Easter can be an opportunity to launch a marketing campaign. Such as a special competition.  Earth Day. If you are selling environmentally friendly or responsible products. This can be a good communication opportunity. Many brands are also highlighting their environmental commitments on this day. On April 24, the second round of the 2022 presidential election is held. April 27 should mark the start of the Spring French Days. Which could last until May 3. This date could nevertheless change.

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The French Days, launched by leading French e-commerce sites, are very successful. With an average increase in turnover of 27% according to an Oxatis study. Why not take part in this promotional operation. Put yourself in the colors blue – white – red? May 2022 marketing calendar eCommerce meeting May is punctuated by several events Ghana Phone Number and festivals of a different nature. Sunday 1 st May is the day of Labor Day. A a holiday that inaugurated the series of public holidays from May. This month, during which the days soften. Often gives rise to desires for the outdoors and nature.

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A day under the sign of cheerfulness! George Lucas fans pay homage to the franchise on this day. Do not hesitate to make a nod to this event in your communication. May 8 is World Fair Trade Day. Which aims to raise awareness of fair trade and good practices for sustainable development. Brands often put forward their commitments in terms of product origin and working conditions.

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May 16 inaugurates the Roland Garros 2022 tournament, until June 5. On May 17, Neighbors Day is celebrated, the opportunity to get together with neighbors to share a good time. It is an event placed under the sign of conviviality and good humor. Maybe an opportunity for your dropshipping or e-commerce business? May 17 also marks the opening of the Cannes Film Festival. Sunday, May 29 is Mother’s Day 2022. According to a study by the Mareduc website. 57% of French people celebrate Mother’s Day and the average budget for buying a gift is 52 euros.

Creating content around this event, with a selection of gift ideas, can be a profitable strategy. June 2022 e-commerce calendar fathers day 2021 June is a promising month, with several events. June 5 is World Environment Day. Like Earth Day, it is a good communication opportunity on ecology and environmental responsibility topics. June 1 is the first day of Vivatech 2022, the benchmark French meeting for technological innovation and start-ups. On the program: conferences, debates, presentations, and innovation challenges in Paris and online.

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