There are several reasons why a website may not appear in Google’s organic search results. The most common reason is that the Austria Email List site is too new and Google is not yet aware of it. In other cases, technical or content issues may prevent your site from being accessible to search engines. If you are worried that the pages of your site are not visible in Google, here are 10 actions that our SEO agency advises you to do. Check if your site is indexed by search engines It is very easy to check if your website has been indexed by Google by typing the command “site:” in the search field. If your site’s pages appear in the results, it means Google has already indexed it. In other words, Google knows your site exists, even if it isn’t indexed for popular search terms yet.

order site example However, if your site hasn’t been indexed yet, you’ll see something like this: example site not indexed If this is a single page that does not appear in Google, try searching for the exact URL of that page. If the page is displayed, it means that it is indexed. There is no need to worry if your website is new and has not been indexed yet. Indeed, it takes time for search engines to update their results (sometimes several days or weeks). Also, if your website doesn’t have a lot of inbound links / backlinks, and therefore isn’t popular, Google may not even know it exists. To get your website indexed, create a Search Console account and have Google crawl and index your site. Submit your site through the Google Search Console

Target less competitive keywords

The fastest way to get your website to appear is to let Google know through Search Console . To do this, all you need to do is create an account for your domain name and enter the address of your XML sitemap in Search Console. An XML sitemap is a file that lists all of your most important pages. If you are using WordPress, the CMS generates the automatic sitemap creation natively. You can however use an SEO plugin like Yoast which will allow you to generate more advanced sitemaps (dedicated to images, articles, videos etc…). After you’ve created an account in Search Console and submitted your sitemap, Google should crawl your website and index it within hours or days.


Don’t forget to check the messages and reports sent by Search Console in the days following your indexing request. If Google has problems accessing your site, it will notify you directly through Search Console. If you need to index an individual page, you can use the “URL Inspection” feature which will allow you to request indexing of your page and detect any problems Google encountered while crawling it. exemple inspection url search console If you have a local business, such as a store or restaurant, create an account on Google My Business . This can help your site appear in local searches on Google Maps. We also recommend that you add your site to other search engines such as Bing , via Bing Webmaster Tools .

Make your site faster

Make sure your site is not blocking search engines Certain settings can make a website completely inaccessible to search engines. The most common are related to the robots.txt file and the noindex meta tag. Check your robots.txt file by adding /robots.txt at the end of your domain If you see this code, it means your site is blocking all search engine bots: In this case, remove the “/” symbol to make your site accessible to all search engines. If in doubt, just keep your robots.txt file exactly like this to allow all search engines and web crawlers to access your site: Note that this is not a problem if your robots.txt file is empty or if you don’t even have the file. Search engine bots will find this allows them to crawl your website without restrictions.

If your site contains the noindex meta tag in its code, search engines will not index it. Go to your site, right click and click “View page source code”. If you see the code below somewhere, it means your site is not indexed. In this case, you need to figure out how to remove the noindex tag. If you have WordPress, go to Settings -> Reading and make sure you’re not blocking search engine access. wordpress non indexation If you’re using an SEO plugin , review the settings to make sure you’re not blocking search engine bots. Check if your site is accessible from all media Your site may not be accessible everywhere. First check your site on your smartphone to make sure it is accessible and fully functional on a mobile device. This is crucial because Google’s index is mobile-first . This means that the Google crawler uses the mobile version of your site in their index.

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