Many brands are planning to acquire a conversational agent in the coming years. Even if these tools will probably not replace humans, they make it possible to advise and support users in their decisions to buy, sell otherwise, or manage their customer relationship. But all of this doesn’t happen in a snap, many are Iran WhatsApp Number List totally dumb, misconfigured, poorly designed, and unable to respond to a simple request. The French SaaS platform for botnation chatbot creation gives us a few points that must be observed in order to design a successful experience. The behaviors of humans differ widely when addressing a “machine” rather than a human. Being aware that they are dealing with a robot gives users some emotional distance

Do not try to hide from users that they are chatting with a chatbot rather than a real person, they might blame you if they later find out. TIP : Recommend an avatar with a non-human aspect but likeable to evoke your chatbot. A chatbot with personality Even if it is preferable to present your chatbot in its real light, that is to say as a non-human robot, that does not mean that it must necessarily express itself as a machine! On the contrary, the user-friendliness of the conversations and interactions that you will get from the users depends directly on the personality that you give to your chatbot. This means that you will have to take into account many parameters and situations, such as the use of familiarity or address, the predefined language level, as well as the richness of the vocabulary.

 Optimize The Management Of Messages And Off-topic Questions

TIP : Make an effort to harmonize your chatbot so that it is consistent with the image of your company or organization, as well as with all of your communication media. Bet on simplicity and clarity Imagine yourself as a user who repeatedly receives multiple default “Sorry, I didn’t get it” messages. These kinds of messages generate frustration. To avoid this situation, allow variations in the answers. With a tool like , it only takes a single click to generate several standard responses. For example : “I don’t have an infused science, after all I’m just a chatbot! ” I’m not sure I understood you correctly!” “I don’t pretend to know everything about it! “. Another solution is to explain what the chatbot’s scope of action consists of to the user, rather than setting up an error message.


Also offer actions in the form of buttons: help section, menu, return, contact us. TIP : Offer to continue the conversation with a human, such as introducing an escalation option to human customer service. Avoid deadlock for your chatbot In the design of your chatbot, it should always be possible for the user to continue a conversation with other interactions. The chatbot should be the one who directs and leads the conversation. One trick to easily flushing out dead ends is to run countless internal tests before booting up your system. At the end of the answer, position the “menu” and “back” buttons. TIP : Since few users are familiar with Facebook Messenger’s “menu” button, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, just rely on this solution. Don’t do monologues for dialogues and short texts. Long texts have no place in instant messaging, and neither can a chatbot.

Provide Confirmation For Notifications And Acquisition Of Emails

However, it is important that your users find their way around and type your message. To achieve this, all you have to do is cut out the content by splitting them into several dialogues. There will necessarily be delays between the snatches of these conversations. These interactions can be activated using a “more” button. Always plan a way out for users in a hurry or bored with content, with a “back” button. TIP : When you really have no choice and explanation is in order, use a “learn more” button instead that can point to an external link (among others, a .PDF file or a web page) . Optimize the management of messages and off-topic questions Remember your first interaction with Siri. Chances are, you’ve bombarded him with incongruous questions in order to understand his reaction. Your users will likely behave in a similar way with your chatbot.

To make their experience more user-friendly, it is important to answer these kinds of questions. This is a great opportunity to give your chatbot some personality. You will obviously have to adapt to your brand, and for example avoid jokes if you are a bank or an insurer … Then just say: “I’m sorry. I am a professional chatbot. How about we get back to a more serious conversation? “. Plan several variations, which will ensure interesting and surprising answers to topics outside the context. TIP : It is likely that some users will utter insults. In this case, ignore them, as answers would only fuel those behaviors. Provide for user feedback Things become a little more complex in the scenario of users returning to the chatbot: it is essential not to impose the same route.


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