Each year, the Friday following Thanksgiving Thursday sees a monumental peak in purchases, so much so that it represents the busiest shopping Lebanon Phone Number List day in the United States since 2005. Since the 2010s, the concept of Black Friday has taken off. crossed the Atlantic to export to Europe, where retailers were able to capitalize on this opportunity to win over their audience with attractive offers.

Between containment and barrier measures linked to Covid-19, it goes without saying that physical points of sale will not hit the mark on Friday, November 27, 2020 . On the other hand, e-commerce managers have every interest in preparing well for this day which could be even more intense than in previous years! To stand out from the increasingly fierce competition and make the most of this Black Friday 2020 , here are 10 tips for an effective marketing strategy:

1. Nothing like a pop-up
During Black Friday, especially when it comes to online sales, many Internet users roam the various shops and leave empty-handed. In order to avoid losing sight of all these potential customers, setting up a pop-up strategy is an essential method.

There are many possibilities: offer an exclusive reduction , free delivery , a discount proportional to the amount of the basket or a voucher for a future visit, let your imagination run wild to attract their attention. It’s also the perfect opportunity to collect email addresses and turn one-day visitors into loyal customers!

2. Create a landing page

Quickly, a buyer can be dizzy in front of the infinity of offers all the more enticing than the others. Consider creating a page specifically dedicated to Black Friday that lists all your offers, promotional codes or flash sales in an attractive and readable way. On the one hand, you will make it easier for consumers to find bargains, and on the other, you will boost your SEO and climb in the search results related to the event.

3. Tick, tock, tock, tock: How to create a sense of urgency
Faced with the incessant stimuli that Internet users receive at the end of their years, we can observe a certain hesitation in finalizing the purchase. What if this promotion is doubled tomorrow, will I really wear these shoes, doubts set in and the basket is forgotten.


To overcome this obstacle, do not hesitate to insist on the ephemeral nature of your offer, with the implementation of a countdown , for example. It’s also a way to avoid cart abandonment : A simple message like “Your item is on hold for 15 minutes” should clear up your buyers’ doubts!

4. Prepare a teasing newsletter
If Black Friday is a godsend for acquiring new leads, it is also an opportunity to delight the prospects and former customers who are enthroned in your databases. Sending a newsletter a few days before D-Day is a sure bet that will allow your followers to go scouting to better shop when the time comes, especially if they have received an exclusive offer reserved for VIPs or a personalized promo code …

5. Make a tempting offer

If there is one thing that will guarantee you a successful Black Friday, it’s a competitive offer. After all, that’s what Internet users are looking for above all: products sold off more than ever and price drops that make you dizzy. Sometimes, all it takes is a flashy promotion on a specific category to seduce buyers, for example -80% on bracelets, -70% on bootcut jeans … In addition, do not hesitate to highlight your broken prices by appending them to the original crossed out price so that they are visible at first glance.

black friday discount promotion

6. Optimize your store on mobile
In recent years, “on-the-go” mobile purchases have overtaken desktop purchases. This phenomenon has not gone unnoticed by Google, which has made mobile optimization a major SEO criterion . For this reason, it is essential to provide users with a satisfactory experience on mobile . Even more so when it comes to purchases, possible malfunctions on your mobile platform can be crippling.

7. Work on your SEO
To increase the visibility of your store on this very busy day, consider optimizing your product sheets , in particular by mentioning Black Friday in your descriptions. It is also a good idea to create specific content for the occasion in order to maximize your chances of standing out from the crowd in the search engines while guiding Internet users in their online shopping spree.

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