During the month of November 2020, Google carried out an update of its algorithm that went (almost) unnoticed. As it had announced in October, the Namibia Phone Number List Mountain View giant has indeed integrated a principle of sub-themes. And this addition may have had some repercussions on the positions of your website. But what is it really about? Improved Google algorithm for better search results Google announced it in October 2020 among other topics such as Passage Indexing. Almost a month later, the most widely used search engine throughout the world therefore added a system for taking into account sub-themes to its search algorithm, without making an official announcement.

It is indeed through the voice of the Twitter account of Danny Sullivan, a well-known figure at Google, that the digital world learned of the launch of this new feature. During its initial announcement, the Mountain View firm had displayed its ambition to improve the algorithm so as to offer Internet users SERP (search engine result page) more varied and in line with their needs. On the other hand, it was difficult to know precisely the modalities of such a development. google tweet under themes Danny Sullivan therefore provided some clarifications, still via his Twitter account, indicating that the appearance of Google’s search results had not been changed.

Improved Google Algorithm For Better Search Results

On the other hand, according to the request of a user, the diversity of the proposed content is now more important. The search engine has actually made changes behind the scenes to its algorithm, without changing the shape of its SERPs. However, it seems that few websites have been significantly impacted by this update, which suggests that this is currently a minor change. With this new development, Google is therefore confirming its desire to continuously improve its tools in order to offer Internet users ever more varied results when this is useful.In 2020, following the Covid-19 crisis, the unprecedented acceleration of digital use


s has more than ever prompted brands to show imagination and responsiveness to reassert themselves. One thing is certain, the year 2021 promises to be once again punctuated by many challenges for companies, which will no longer be able to be satisfied with rudimentary communication on traditional channels, at the risk of being forgotten by their targets, and ahead of their competitors, who are also looking for new opportunities. So how do you find a place of choice in the advertising sphere, which is ever richer, more complex and more dynamic? While there is no single answer to this question, however, diversifying acquisition levers is a strategy that promises to bear fruit.

During Its Initial Announcement,

Find out which levers to adopt and why combine them to reinvent your 2021 digital strategy to ensure your performance during this new year! What are the main levers of digital acquisition? SEA To gain visibility quickly , SEA or Search Engine Advertising consists of setting up sponsored ads in search engine results. Google Ads or Bing Ads campaigns can position a website at the top of the SERPs and acquire traffic quickly. Display & Programmatic Campaigns for the purchase of advertising space on the web occupy a capital role which will not weaken over the next few years if we are to believe the rise of programmatic. Unlike traditional display, which involves reserving advertising space in advance to broadcast your ads, programmatic advertising allows advertising spaces put up for sale by publishers to be granted to the highest bidder, sometimes in real time.

In short, it makes it possible to automate the purchase of space to better target Internet users across the entire web while saving time and reducing acquisition costs. SEO SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of an effective long-term digital strategy. Through the technical optimization of the website, content strategy and netlinking , SEO makes it possible to position a website at the top of search results and to permanently increase its visibility , but also its credibility . Social Ads Advertising on social networks is essential today. By relying on the data sent by billions of users, the powerful algorithms of the advertising platforms of Facebook and Instagram, but also Snapchat, Twitter or even Pinterest make it possible to precisely reach a large panel of audiences.

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