1 – Capitalize on customer data available to its big data marketing The priority of an optimized big data marketing strategy is to analyze and understand Gibraltar Email List the customer data capital at its disposal. What types of data make up its customer database? This is how big data marketing can be structured by providing meaning, by organizing its customer data. From this understanding must flow scenarios according to the usefulness and use of data with a view to improving the customer experience through data driven marketing. 2 – Bringing information from big data marketing to life and circulating To perform, the big data marketing strategy must shine. It must emphasize the relevance and the richness of the interconnections.

And this at 2 levels: The responsibility of big data marketing is to put into perspective the operational nature of customer data. To facilitate their use by the business lines, the choice and provision of tools for managing customer data flows are essential. On the other hand, in order to collect as much information as possible and collect all the customer data available, big data marketing depends on the active circulation and sharing of information within the company. business. Here again, getting started with exchange solutions is essential. It is by federating and mobilizing the different professions not used to collaborating that optimal collective customer knowledge emerges, a pledge of efficient big data marketing.

2 – Bringing Information From Big Data Marketing To Life And Circulating

In this way, the employee experience feeds the customer-centric experience. 3 – Guarantee the continuous enrichment of big data marketing and its data capital To challenge and rethink the customer experience, the ultimate step in data driven marketing is to interact directly with its customers. In this way, he is constantly capturing new information in order to constantly readjust his offer and the associated customer experience. For this, external digital platforms exist in order to harvest the richness of its marketing insights. However, the data driven marketing strategy must listen to and feed on exchanges, but also animate and interact. Big data marketing must preserve its principle of continuous learning and its thirst for ever more refined customer knowledge and uses. How to improve the customer experience thanks to big data marketing?


From the information capital collected as part of the big data marketing strategy, the challenge is to: To succeed in extracting exploitable data from the mass of information collected. Appropriate the best practices of different business sectors that have developed expertise Mobilize creative qualities to imagine a new innovative customer relationship that meets customer expectations. Develop a hyper-personalization of the customer experience, making it possible to create a feeling of belonging unique to the brand Do you want to learn more about data solutions and related marketing opportunities? We look forward to seeing you on November 20 & 21 for the third edition of Data Marketing Paris . The opportunity to share and exchange advice and best practices with 2,000 participants.

1 – Capitalize On Customer Data Available To Its Big Data Marketing

Our objective is naturally to contribute directly to the business performance of our distribution networks, by offering an absolute customer experience. Our core business as an insurer has grown with assistance solutions and additional services such as remote monitoring, and today our challenge is to provide our clients with real experiences with their insurer. This requires a better consideration of the customer’s time and a personalization of our approaches in order to offer adapted content to our customers. 2. Automation, Social, Voice, Inbound, Data, Search, Mobile… Marketing territories are still vast. How do you go about staying the course on a realistic strategy? Our strategy is guided by the optimization of our investments. In view of the importance that our distribution networks play in our development,

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