Video has gained momentum in digital communication. Social networks are vectors of this dynamism with the integration of videos in different formats: short formats, direct live … The 360 format is added to this list. What are the advantages of 360 degree video ? How to integrate it into its communication? What cost of production? Rollingbox digital agency located in Versailles answers your questions. The 360 videos are immersive videos. They allow readers to have a 360 ° view of what they are watching. 360 technology gives a panoramic view of the video. The reader can discover the decor that surrounds him by moving his head: right, left, up, down …

A 360 video can be viewed using a conventional computer and with the use of the mouse. On the smartphone, the video moves simultaneously according to your movements. You can also view these videos using virtual reality headsets (eg: Gear VR glasses). The 360 video is part of an immersive marketing use , because it allows the reader to enter a new universe. The 360 videos are available on Facebook and YouTube since 2015. Each user can post and / or watch videos 360. These videos are engaging, they Qatar Phone Number List immerse the user in a different from his everyday world. Videos make it possible to stage a product in order to see and better understand how it works.

The 360 ​​video:

The 360 videos allow brands to stand out by offering innovative ideas and unusual. It’s a great way to give your community a new experience. This new technology makes it possible to rethink and show things differently. The brand must work and think to create a universe around its product or service. The possibilities of using 360 video are numerous, here are various avenues of exploitation: – Offer an inaccessible point of view : during an event or an exploration offer your community exceptional points of view; – Show behind the scenes: take people behind the scenes of an event or what the customer does not see (example: the kitchens of a restaurant, etc.); – Take 360 ​​tours : 360 videos are ideal for discovering a home in the real estate industry or a hotel room for tourism.


The videos can be viewed through augmented reality headsets . These headsets allow the reader to be fully immersed. Videos can also be viewed through less specific platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. The production of a 360 video is accessible. However, it is necessary to have certain technical skills and suitable equipment . It takes more time to design 360 videos than regular videos. – The camera : there are several models of 360 camera on the market. The cameras are equipped with two fish-eye viewing angles, which allows for 360-degree rendering. The cameras are compatible with Android and iOS smartphones depending on the model. It will take at least 330 euros for a quality camera. (Samsung Gear, Nikon KeyMission…).

360 Video And Marketing:

– Stabilization : with 360 cameras having good stability is essential. For this you must equip yourself with a specific tripod: monopod. The price of the models varies between 25 and 500 €. – The microphone : a good microphone is essential if you want to offer total immersion to your Internet users. It is advisable to equip yourself with an external microphone to combine the sound on the two tracks. The video 360 is an innovative means of communication and unlimited. It allows brands to address themselves differently and offer their community a new experience . As always, content creation must meet a need and be part of a global digital strategy . Your video will only have impact if it is well broadcast and viewed.

The year 2016 again saw many innovations bloom and among them, we wanted to tell you about chatbots. Does this new technology mean nothing to you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! 57% of French people are unaware of the existence and usefulness of chatbots . Rollingbox, an agency specializing in web marketing , explains what a chatbot is and how to improve customer relations with this new tool. The chatbot is a conversational robot equipped with artificial intelligence . He is able to read and reply to messages based on a set of canned responses. The chatbot is semiautonomous because they meet the rules set by their developers. If the request sent does not match an exact criterion, the chatbot will have some difficulty in responding to you. This is when artificial intelligence comes in , it allows chatbots to better understand the requests, thanks to a more in-depth analysis.

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