On the program of this new book competition: influence marketing, startups, persuasive marketing and cybersecurity. Marketing influence: brand strategies with influencers – Camille Jourdain and Guillaume Doki-Thonon – Editions Kawa In addition to presenting good practices as well as the USA WhatsApp Number List trends in influence marketing, this book also deciphers the privileged content of influencers and gives examples of influence campaigns implemented by a multitude of brands. Testimonials from many experts in the field feed this book, which answers many questions such as: What strategies to adopt with influencers? What types of partnerships to put in place? What content do they prefer to publish and on which social networks? Which brands are doing well with creative and efficient campaigns? A collection of practical advice and feedback, intended for all those interested in the sector, wanting to get started or simply have the keys to improving their influencer marketing campaigns.

The jungle book: the secrets of the best startups to take charge of your career – Younès Rharbaoui and Annabelle Bignon – Dunod This book is aimed at all those who wish to join a startup or realize a project, the curious, those who have questions about their career and wish to improve or emancipate themselves. Organized in 3 parts, the book describes the universe of startups and their employees, the skills and know-how of the best startups, all illustrated by around thirty case studies. In particular, you will find: Tips for building a long-term career Tips for collaborating more effectively Tools used on a daily basis by the best startups Lessons and concrete examples on product management, operations, growth-hacking, development, management … Anecdotes and stories of entrepreneurs and mistakes not to be made. Persuasive marketing: design to convince – Didier Mazier – ENI Editions In this book.

Persuasive Marketing: Design To Convince – Didier Mazier – Eni Editions

You will discover how to improve the design of marketing and communication action systems at each stage of the user journey, to optimize conversions and therefore the return on investment of the actions carried out. The basic principles such as: the psychology of the behavior, the decisive arguments or the irrational levers appealing to the subconscious, are posed and illustrated with many practical examples. The whole, in the respect of the RGPD and the ethics, in order to apply methods and procedures allowing to optimize the results. A section dedicated to e-commerce explains how to efficiently manage product information sheets and payment mechanisms in order to boost cross-selling. Solutions are also offered to facilitate the management and validation of forms, to use the specific features of the mobile, or to make its interaction designs more efficient.


Internet survival manual: 100 questions to understand and protect yourself – Edouard Fillias and Alexandre Villeneuve – Ellipses In this manual, the authors provide information and offer simple tools to preserve their online security and provide useful advice to those close to them, in order to enjoy the joys of the Internet serenely. On the program, 100 simple answers to daily questions such as: How to protect your family from cyberstalking, online predators? How to protect your money on the Internet and buy online while avoiding scams and crooks? How to improve your online reputation and protect your business? How to be well informed and spot fake news? Note that this kit also extends to the smartphone and provides the keys to properly manage your mobile, passwords and protect your privacy.

Internet Survival Manual: 100 Questions To Understand And Protect Yourself – Edouard Fillias And Alexandre Villeneuve – Ellipses

Your contact details will only be used to contact you if you are drawn and / or to send you the BDM / newsletter as well as personalized job offers, if and only if you expressly choose to receive them. By clicking on “Send” at the end of the form, you accept the T & Cs and our privacy policy describing the purpose of processing your personal data. Gallery Ads: a carousel of mobile products Google is focusing on mobile and visual ads. Gallery Ads is a new advertising format integrated with search. It allows several product images (up to 8 photos) to be offered to attract consumers in the pre-purchase research phase. Google will show these ads at the top of mobile search results. They will be integrated into a carousel, to swipe between the images provided by the advertiser.

Showcase Shopping Ads: Rich Ads on Google Images Google has been offering ads on Google Images since March 2019 (Shoppable Ads). The Mountain View firm is today launching an enriched format for advertisements on Google Images, called Showcase Shopping Ads. The products can be contextualized with an image, as you can see below, on the left. These ads will appear on Google Images, but also on Discover and YouTube. Note that on Discover and YouTube, the products do not seem to be integrated into the advertising. These Showcase Shopping Ads can thus be displayed on Discover, in a simplified insert that only integrates the image, title, description, favicon of the website and its address. Advertisers will also be able to create ads designed for Discover. These will also be offered to YouTube and Gmail users.

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