Whether you wish to obtain information, help or resolve a problem, you have been or will be required to contact Google services. Depending on the product Uganda Phone Number List concerned (Gmail, Google My Business, Google Ads, Google Play, etc.) and the type of problem encountered, you may be dealing with a real maze before reaching the right service. Fortunately, there are a few techniques to simplify your process. Contact Google Support To get started, you can easily access the phone number for Google France’s headquarters in Paris via the establishment’s Google

My Business page. While they may not be able to respond to your request, a call to their offices may allow you to be directed more quickly to the correct service. To reach the head office of Google France, call 01 42 68 53 00 . google france my business page Via an online form If you are looking to resolve a more complex issue, you can contact Google Support through an online form . You will then be required to identify the Google product on which you have a security or improper use concern, as well as the concern in question from among several choices: Google Account Research Gmail support Adwords support Adsense Support Youtube support Picasa Support Blogger Support Calendar support Google Suite Support Google Groups support Google Sites Support Pishing: Gmail Pishing: Adwords Pishing: Google Payments Pishing: Google Wallet Report errors:

Contact Google Support

Google Maps Report a privacy concern: Google Maps Report a privacy concern: Google Street View You will also have the option to send reports on other types of issues such as legal, trademark and permission issues. By email There are several email addresses to get in touch with your search engine: If your request concerns security, you can write to securitygoogle.com If you are a journalist, you can reach Google’s press service France at presse-froogle.com For the accounting department, please contact [email protected] Contact Google Ads and Google My Business Formerly Google Adwords, Google Ads is the multinational’s paid referencing service. Very used by companies, you can easily be brought to require information or a troubleshooting during your experience.


Google My Business, previously called Google Places, is a local referencing tool allowing companies to manage a complete listing of their establishment (photos, timetables, address, phone number, etc.). Having become essential, this service is also liable to require rapid assistance. To contact these services, have your Google Ads account number and your login details ready and call 0805 540 905. This number is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. Are you having a performance problem with Google Ads? Have your campaigns audited: Contact our experts Have content deleted in Google Right to be forgotten Under European privacy law , you have the right to request the deletion of some of your personal data from Google results.

Via An Online Form

To do this, you can fill out this specifically dedicated form which will allow you to request the deletion of specific Google search results including your name. If you didn’t find what you were looking for: For other deletion requests, here are the links to the forms that will guide you in your process depending on what you want to delete: Google content : delete illegal, defamatory or compromising content Obsolete content : remove content that is no longer relevant on your website Personal information (social security number, identity papers, etc.) A handwritten signature image A bank account or payment card number that appears in search results Can I have a Google review deleted? Sometimes you get problematic reviews from unhappy customers on a Google My

Business page and it can damage your online reputation. If you wish to have a review withdrawn, you can connect to your Google My Business listing via your Google account then click on “Manage establishment” → Reviews → Select the relevant review and click on “Report as inappropriate” . Google will then decide to remove the review if it is judged to be indeed inappropriate. To go further and switch to optimal use of Google services for your business, contact our experts .

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