To validate the relevance of a training course, we are systematically asked to specify whether it is suitable for a BtoB audience. Indeed, BtoB Nicaragua Email List and BtoC issues are still frequently separated. This distinction often stems from the assumption that the professional target and the general public are different. However, if this dichotomy was justified a few years ago, it is no longer the case. Indeed, the separation between BtoB and BtoC purchasing habits is increasingly porous. So-called BtoB buyers tend to adopt the same consumer codes and practices as individuals. Customers in the BtoB sector are certainly professionals, but above all they remain customers. They therefore have the same expectations of quality, pleasure and experience as direct BtoC customers.

This development must be supported by an adapted BtoB marketing strategy . On the other hand, BtoB transactions are very often BtoBtoC transactions. By adopting BtoC codes, the BtoB professional takes into account, understands and anticipates the expectations of his end customer, undeniably scores points. To succeed and make a difference, BtoB players must therefore draw more inspiration from innovative BtoC practices. In this article, we have summarized the practices, which seem essential to us to master in BtoC as in BtoB. Share a common objective in BtoB as in BtoC The purpose of a BtoC and BtoB marketing strategy must be identical: to deliver the best service and the best experience to best meet the expectations of its client and to stand out from the crowd. This requirement remains valid regardless of the type of customer. We must therefore provide the means.

Here are 5 practices from essential BtoC marketing in BtoB

In ever more competitive sectors, this means adopting the most efficient and innovative practices and principles, regardless of the target customer. Here are 5 practices from essential BtoC marketing in BtoB Make empathy maps : allows you to know your client and his motivations in depth to free BtoB marketing from the biases, limits or barriers that it often imposes on itself. Creating empathy maps limits the risk associated with the development of personas , namely: locking your customers into preconceived diagrams or frozen segmentation. On the contrary, the empathy map leaves room for the unexpected and further humanizes its customers. This is a key issue for stimulating BtoB marketing, transforming its perception of its customers and getting closer to their expectations.


Deliver a memorable customer experience : this is an essential lever for resisting the arrival of new competitors who often rely on this criterion and on the use of digital tools to make a difference. The customer experience is a strategic issue for BtoB companies which are undeniably behind compared to general public brands. The culture of service and the customer must permeate all of the company’s practices. The requirement for fluidity, simplicity and personalization of the experience must be a priority and constant. From this perspective, the use of new, more efficient technologies is key to success. Formalize a content marketing strategy : even if it is still little used in BtoB, the production of content is an important acquisition and conversion lever. Indeed, it is a major vector for supporting its customer in his purchasing journey and nourishing his thinking, often more complex than a BtoB purchase.

Take inspiration from BtoC to adopt an innovative tone and state of mind

Creating content is therefore more relevant for the BtoB approach than BtoC. However, the fundamentals remain the same: think beforehand about the objective of its content as well as its distribution channels, identify the usefulness of its content for its client and work on its content by optimizing its referencing. Invest in social networks : essential tools to maximize the reach and distribution of quality content. It is an essential support, in BtoC as in BtoB, to build and animate complete and effective content and inbound marketing strategies . Visibility, notoriety, lead generation … the benefits are multiple but the principles unchanged: maximize the use of its content, practice A / B testing and tracking of publications, design specific content adapted to social networks, set KPIS and analyze them to practice continuous improvement.

Make sure that your marketing actions are “mobile compatible” : we must get out of the adage according to which professional customers only consume when they are at work in front of their computer. This goes against changes in consumer practices that affect the general public as well as professionals. Indeed, mobile consumption is a trend that also concerns BtoB. Sector players should therefore step up their actions to deliver a shopping experience that is as effective on mobile as it is on traditional media.Take inspiration from BtoC to adopt an innovative tone and state of mind BtoB marketing must, above all, be uninhibited in order to forge close ties with its customers. Final or intermediate, they are HIS top priority. As in the BtoC marketing approach, you have to convey an emotion to the customer, bring meaning and give them a memorable experience.

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