In an increasingly competitive environment, differentiating yourself from the first contact with a prospect has become essential. From now on, the Norway Email List customer is autonomous and often decides before his act of purchase. Whether by phone, email, or via social networks, you have to be interesting and stand out! Discover the methods to prospect effectively! Become familiar with the latest prospecting tools Appropriate techniques to differentiate yourself and convince more and more new customers The advantages of breakfast: Pascal Pellier, consultant-trainer with more than 25 years of experience, passionate about sales techniques and marketing, will share with you his best practices to make prospecting the heart of your business development. We are expecting many of you, register !

Anne Lainé, Marketing Director, SEAT France explains to us her challenges as Marketing Director and looks back on various actions carried out by her team to promote the SEAT brand and vehicles. She also shares with us the key skills that a marketer should have according to her. Seat Arona training workshops at Espace Clacquesin (Malakoff) What are your challenges as Marketing Director of SEAT France? In a sector dominated by French brands, innovating is not enough. You have to be able to reinvent yourself on a daily basis. The strength of SEAT is that we are a small brand in a large group with both agility and resources. One of my daily challenges is to be able to unite internal teams and create real cohesion with our agencies and partners! When we succeed, as is the case today, a virtuous circle sets in and the magic operates!

What qualities should a Marketing Director have?

Canal + partnership Digital, Content marketing, Social media,… Marketing territories are still vast. How do you manage to stay the course on a realistic strategy while being innovative? You are right the territories of marketing are vast and we must not get lost. The key is to define the strategy, the objectives by media, by activation and especially the target that we want to reach. As we are a small brand we need to work on our media visibility. In this sense, communication on a broad media that represents TV helps us to be visible.However, we systematically ensure, even on a very classic media such as TV, to find innovative levers such as, for example, the launch of advertising for the CUPRA model by Stéphane Rotenberg on M6.


We have also set up an unprecedented product placement plan in series and television films in order to fit into the daily lives of French people and to present the product in its primary use. On the other hand, we have created a recurring dealership meeting to reinvent our own open days and create our own private sales in the automotive industry. In the automotive industry, open houses are a highlight that is overused by car manufacturers. We therefore wanted to set ourselves apart without ruling out this powerful marketing lever. Have you also completed these devices on digital channels? Absolutely. Digital media are indeed essential. And it is on these media that we want to go further and move beyond the usual framework in order to offer great operations.

To cope with changes in the profession, what skills should be developed for a marketer today?

The projects were numerous and very diversified: we have stepped up the digital promotion of our operations such as #EASYTESTDRIVE broadcast, for example on social networks. We have developed a real influence strategy by multiplying partnerships (with Canal +, Automobile Magazine), collaborations with influencers or appearances in festivals very active on social networks such as Lollapalooza or Primavera. Spring Festival we have capitalized more on our data in order to enrich our shopper journey in an omnichannel approach with SmartTraffik. The playing field is therefore limitless. Our goal remains the same: always differentiate ourselves. Managing sales performance and marketing ROI is now a key issue for marketing teams. What marketing levers are you using to meet this challenge?

Indeed, piloting is essential. It is necessary to be able to define upstream the key KPIs adapted to the activation in order to measure the famous ROI. We therefore monitor the evolution of leads, test requests and the social impact of our customers. Regarding innovation, we also measure the traffic in concession. To cope with changes in the profession, what skills should be developed for a marketer today? In a field where the challenges, technologies and uses are constantly evolving, here are the skills that I believe are key to meeting current challenges and preparing those of tomorrow: Adopt a customer orientation . The marketer and his marketing must therefore be Consumer Centric. Develop and maintain an analytical mind . The marketer and his marketing must therefore be Data Centric.

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