Each new year is followed by the inevitable list of good resolutions that it is hard to keep… No fatalism in 2019, make ISM your success coach Uganda Email Lists and take up the marketing challenges of the new year! 1 – Familiarize yourself with Artificial Intelligence Because yes, Artificial Intelligence is not reserved for a bunch of geeks but is now accessible to everyone. Indeed, now, you no longer need to be a data scientist to deploy turnkey software. Many players participate in this democratization. Benoit Raphaël and his robot Flint , are ambassadors of this movement. Their initiative illustrates how Artificial Intelligence, combined with human skills, enables day-to-day efficiency gains with,

for example, automated, intelligent and relevant monitoring. In 2019, get started to make Artificial Intelligence a performance catalyst. Discover the marketing applications of Artificial Intelligence . 2 – Focus on your voice Contrary to what one might think, the voice revolution will not go through voice assistants (whose equipment will remain marginal) but through mobiles! Due to this change of interface, its content must now be rethought in order to correspond to future referencing standards and to the change in search algorithm, moving from a statistical approach to a semantic approach. This paradigm shift is causing upheaval within search engines which will become “response engines” according to Franck Negro, Managing Director, Southern Europe,

1 – Familiarize Yourself With Artificial Intelligence

YEXT. In 2019, don’t miss the voice turning point and seize the opportunities of the voice channel! Be a part of the advent of voice with the “ Voice Services and Voice Brand: Leveraging the Voice Interface ” training. 3 – Keep up to date with changes in natural referencing If there is one field in perpetual revolution, it is natural referencing or SEO. The rules keep changing as algorithms and technologies evolve. The visibility of your brand is at stake. You must therefore stay as close as possible to natural referencing trends in the development of your content: user experience, mobile-first … In 2019, anticipate change and prepare your SEO and content marketing strategy. Appropriate the rules of natural referencing now.


4 – Stimulate creativity and capacity for innovation In a constantly evolving competitive world, the individual and collective capacity for innovation will be an essential differentiating advantage. Everyone is challenged to bring new ideas, rethink a business model or go out of the box to find new solutions … For this, techniques such as Design Thinking exist to help you acquire methods and processes at the service of your creativity. They are also accompanied by a state of mind that Antonin Chartier, founder of Jimmy Fairly, illustrates in his interview . In 2019, don’t wait any longer to get ahead of the trend and become a source of proposals in your business!

2 – Focus On Your Voice

Use operational training to meet this challenge! 5 – always generate more leads In recent years, the position and missions of the marketing services have changed to become an active partner in the business. Marketing actions must now bring business by generating leads or participating in lead nuturing. To achieve this, many marketing tools and techniques have been developed to become ever more efficient and effective. Marketing automation , inbound marketing or growth hacking methods , there are many options to generate more and more qualified leads. In 2019, broaden the range of your marketing actions to generate as many leads as possible, reinforced by a “smart” relationship with the sales department . Find inspiration from start-ups to rethink and improve your practices .

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