According to a study carried out by L’Observatoire de l’Engagement, in collaboration with OpinionWay in July 2019, engagement is at the heart Malta Email List of business concerns. 94% of managers believe that the primary function of their role lies in the commitment of their employees. 85% of managers believe that their function is key and encourage those around them to take it up.More and more organizations have understood that to truly engage their employees, they must develop and be based on a real strategy. So, how do you promote employee engagement? What actions should be included in your strategy? And how can we ensure that this commitment is maintained? Here are our tips.

How to promote employee engagement? mployee engagement measures enthusiasm and involvement in the success of one’s company. As Maslow’s pyramid demonstrates, people’s needs are more aspirational than material. In this sense, an engaged employee is not “simply” satisfied with his salary as a valuation of his involvement, he cares about his work and wishes to contribute significantly to his company. There are several ways to promote the engagement of your employees and to involve them: Integrate a project group reflecting on a transversal subject, not always directly in touch with your function; Share your business knowledge and / or “interests” with your team, but also with all of the company’s employees to promote peer-to-peer learning and initiate a process of sharing good practices;

4. Be a motivating coach, not a boss!

Foster a culture of feedback to (re) give voice to everyone and allow, through benevolent criticism, an evolution of practices; The lack of valuation (or its perception) is the main cause of employee disengagement, it’s up to you to find the right key to keep your employees motivated. How to improve and maintain the engagement of your employees? Discover 5 managerial practices to stimulate the enthusiasm of your employees: To improve your employees’ engagement, take the time to listen to and understand them. To do this, you can rely on a survey to assess the current level of engagement of your employees. Your questions must take into account the daily experiences of your employees, their relations with management and their missions. Give the option to respond anonymously in order to provide honest feedback.


Thanks to your analysis of the results obtained, identify the issues to be worked on as a priority. Structure yourself to engage your employees Forming an employee mobilization committee is an excellent way to imagine strategies and levers to improve employee satisfaction. For maximum representativeness and richness of exchanges, solicit, on a voluntary basis, passionate and efficient people at all levels of your organization. It is generally the most committed employees who come forward. This committee’s mission is to develop solutions to the problems identified by the engagement survey. From these avenues emerge many collaborative discussions making it possible to define the characteristics of an environment where everyone feels valued. The committee also brings these solutions to management and ensures the implementation of the necessary changes.

5. Ask your employees for advice

Encourage your employees to take time out of their daily professional life to forge a community spirit with their colleagues. It is an excellent lever to keep them engaged and invested. Here are some ideas: Office Games: Host a monthly afternoon trivia game or a scavenger hunt. Lunch ‘n’ learns: give employees the opportunity to present a TED-style speech on a subject that fascinates them. Celebrate your employees: take every opportunity to celebrate achievements outside of work: birthdays, births etc. Be a motivating coach, not a boss! To motivate your employees, do not hesitate to publicly congratulate them. It is a powerful motivator. Highlight their successes in a newsletter or team email or set up a rewards system. These actions will help them feel valued and encourage them to stay motivated and invest more in their work.

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