If you want to train in the field of natural referencing, here are 5 trainings that will help you improve your skills. The CMC Training center offers a 14-hour course over 2 days to perfect your skills in natural referencing. You will learn how to optimize the architecture and development of your site as Peru WhatsApp Number List as the essential features for better SEO. Count € 990 for this training. Learn the mechanics of Google Adwords with the Tamento training center. Over a period of 2 days, you will learn how to increase the visibility of your website and generate targeted traffic. You will know how to create a Google Adwords campaign and set up a SEA strategy. Count € 1,490 for this training. Employees and job seekers will be able to train for 8 days in the optimization and referencing of a website thanks to a course offered by CréActifs.

The training is aimed especially at professionals who wish to create their business and master the tools to promote the natural referencing of their web pages. The School of Communication and Digital Creation E-COD offers a 2-day training course for employees and job seekers to improve the referencing and e-reputation of their company. You must have a bac + 2, master the computer tool and have a web culture to attend the training. The Info Conception center offers a one-day training course to learn about natural referencing and thus improve website traffic. It is aimed at employees and job seekers, no specific skills are required other than mastery of navigation and information research on the Internet. Count 600 € for this training. Google will stop taking into account the noindex.

Improve Its Referencing On The Internet

The nofollow and the crawl-delay in the robots.txt files. The context: the standardization of the robots.txt interpretation protocol Google wants an official standard for the robots.txt file interpretation protocol , used by webmasters to set the exploration rules followed by crawlers (REP, Robots Exclusion Protocol). Google has also decided to make the C ++ library used to analyze robots.txt files open source. Google will stop interpreting certain declarations in robots.txt In parallel, Google announces the end of the interpretation , by its bots, of several statements used by certain webmasters – in particular crawl-delay, noindex and nofollow. Google specifies that it has analyzed the robots.txt offered by the sites, and notices that certain declarations do not correspond to the standard imagined by Martijn Koster in 1994. The crawl-delay, nofollow and noindex rules have not been applied either. documented by Google.


So few webmasters use them, but there are – and they will have to change their practices by the end of August 2019. How to avoid indexing web pages on Google Indeed, Google will no longer interpret the rules not defined in the Robots Exclusion Protocol from September 1. This concerns in particular crawl-delay, nofollow and noindex. Google recalls that other means allow webmasters to declare a page or a directory in noindex, to refuse indexing: Add the noindex in the meta tags of the page (best solution) HTTP codes 404 and 410 mean that the page does not exist, Google crawlers understand this and remove these pages from its index. Pages placed behind a paywall – and those that require a password – are “usually” deleted from Google’s index.

Learn About Natural Referencing

Google only indexes the pages that it knows, putting a page or a directory in disallow via robots.txt therefore remains a possibility. Google will still be able to index a page if it finds a link to this page, but specifies that these disallow pages via robots.txt will be less visible on Google in the future. You can also use Search Console to remove a URL that has nothing to do with Google. Thanks to these indicators, you will be able to save time in your SEO strategy and benefit from the history of the various targeted areas. You benefit in particular from the number of backlinks present, and the authority of these. This allows you to already have a turnkey netlinking strategy, since you benefit from existing backlinks. A free and comprehensive service It’s hard to be simpler than YouDot in terms of service.

All you need to do is register in a few clicks to access the platform and consult the 700,000 domain names available. Everything is free, and you only need to provide your banking information to pre-order a domain name. Otherwise, the platform is completely free, and you only pay when the NDD belongs to you. We particularly appreciate the UX of the service, the platform is really easy to learn. Everything is simple and fluid. YouDot allows you to meet most of your needs, but also allows you to purchase certain “premium” domain names. YouDot adapts to most needs, and also allows you to pre-order NDDs “in batch”. All you need to do is enter a list of up to 1000 domain names. Note that the platform is responsive with a dedicated team if you need help.

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