We have selected 5 training courses for those who wish to train in natural and paid referencing. Accessible to employees, job seekers and companies, this 8-day training course offered by Creatifs aims to enable project leaders and Uganda WhatsApp Number List leaders to master the mechanisms for generating natural and paid referencing traffic. At the end of the training, trainees are able to: Master the addition of functionalities thanks to plugins and widgets and apply them Set up personalized performance indicators Master the functioning and techniques of natural referencing Mastering content writing for the web Understand and apply paid referencing techniques … To find out more about the price of the program, contact the company directly. Google Adwords certification / remote, in a center in Marseille (13) or in a company Dawan provides a 14-hour training course accessible to employees.

Job seekers and companies which allows participants to learn how to optimize its Google Adwords campaigns, and to pass certification. To participate, however, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the operation and management of Google Adwords, and not to have passed the certification before the date of the training. Count 1080 euros to participate. Develop your visibility and the notoriety of your company on the Internet / in a center in Bordeaux (33) or in a company The School of Communication and Digital Creation (E-COD) offers a 2-day diploma course accessible to employees, companies and job seekers. Her goals : Understanding the challenges of web 2.0 Know how to establish an SEO strategy according to its targets, budget and needs Develop and control the image and reputation of your company Participants must, however, have a Bac + 2 level.

Optimization And Referencing Of The Website

Master the computer tool and have a web culture. To find out more about the cost of training, contact the organization directly. SEO training: optimize your natural referencing / in a center in Lyon (69) or in a company Accessible to employees, job seekers and companies, this training offered by Matthieu Thomas lasts 3 days during which you will learn to: Understand SEO opportunities Start your SEO thanks to ON and OFF- Site optimizations Define a natural referencing strategy Use free and open source tools for Google To participate, count 2200 euros. SEO in WordPress / in center in Rennes (35) Syntheses Training provides a 2-day program accessible to employees, job seekers and companies. A prerequisite is, however, asked of participants: mastering WordPress with ideally some notions of HTML.


In the program : Introduction to SEO Configure WordPress Manage content Use extensions Yoast SEO Count 490 euros to participate. A must-read for SEOs: Google has just published the 2019 version of the document used by Search Quality Raters. This support makes it possible to assess the quality of web pages and the relevance of search results. Google continuously evaluates the experience offered to its users. To do this, it employs evaluators, the search quality raters. Their objective is not to penalize or better promote individual sites: their influence is more diffuse, their opinions are used to adjust algorithms at a more global level. To work on objective criteria, they use a support, updated approximately once a year by the teams of the search engine. This document is not the SEO bible.

Develop Your Visibility And The Notoriety Of Your Company On The Internet

It’s not a magic wand either. But these 166 pages deserve careful reading, because they provide a better understanding of the criteria that matter to Google – and therefore those that can influence the ranking of sites in response to a given query. What’s new in 2019 The Search Engine Land site had the good idea to keep a copy of the 2018 criteria to be able to compare them with the 2019 criteria established by Google. Abusive interstitials Details have been added to better assess the disruption caused by advertisements and “additional content” ( Supplementary Content , SC, as opposed to Main Content , MC). The interstitials are now clearly named and singled out . “Certain advertisements, certain additional content and certain interstitials (displayed before or after the expected content) can make it difficult to access the main content (TM). Pages with advertisements

SCs or other features that distract or interrupt use of the MC should receive a low rating ”(Low rating). Concretely: if you were considering adding pop-ups all over the place to boost your conversions or your advertising revenue, think twice if your SEO performance is of interest to you. Google nevertheless specifies that these inserts are not totally prohibited: “a simple advertisement or an obvious and easy-to-use interstitial is not terribly distracting, but [these inserts] can degrade the user experience. On the other hand, hard-to-close ads that follow the page scroll or interstitials that require you to download an app can be really annoying and make the main content (TM) difficult to use ”. bdmWeb Marketing Social Tech Agenda SEO / GOOGLE SEO: the criteria used by Google in 2019 to assess the quality of web pages and the relevance of search results Thomas.

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