Learn how to optimize the SEO of your website: we have selected 5 SEO training courses for you! Info conception offers one-day SEO training to employees, job seekers and companies. You will discover the challenges of natural referencing, how Google works, the principles of indexing, Malta WhatsApp Number List and ranking. You will learn how to optimize the editorial of a website and carry out technical optimization, in the form of workshops. This training is accessible to all. E-COD, a school of communication and digital creation, offers a 2-day training course to learn how to develop the visibility and notoriety of a company on the Internet. The first day is devoted to the optimization of natural referencing: definitions, search engines, distinction between indexing, referencing and positioning, tags, best practices, lexicon (trustrank, pagerank.

The next day, it’s time for SEA (paid referencing) and e-reputation. SEO training offers SEO training for employees and companies (one day face-to-face + 7 hours in e-learning): selection of key words (methods, tools, etc.), in page criteria (HTML structure, URL, content, Search Console, etc.), off page criteria (competitive audit, backlinks, PageRank, Trust Rank, etc.), SEO barriers (indexing problems, duplicate content, etc.), multi-support referencing (place of social networks, videos, etc.). Improve your SEO on the Internet CMC Formation provides a 2-day training course for employees and companies. The objectives are as follows: know and master all the levers of natural referencing, optimize the site architecture, master the optimization of technical development, provide content and identify web marketing actions. SEO in WordPress Is your site proudly powered by WordPress? This individualized training, offered by Syntheses, can help you optimize your CMS for engines.

Learn About Natural Referencing

You will familiarize yourself with the basics of SEO, learn how to configure WordPress, manage content and use plugins to detect 404 errors, repair broken links, control redirects, create a sitemap, link articles, reference images …Best for a brand is to spend a lot of time looking for a topic that matches the influencer and appeals to their community. There is no point in rushing, it can sometimes take months to find the right angles. Then, a good practice is to post an episode on his channel and another on the influencer channel, this will allow a communicating vessel where the public can go find a sequel, an episode 2 or more detailed explanations on the other. chain. We had good results when we tested this kind of device. Have you observed an evolution in the presence of brands in video?


Are we reaching market maturity or are practices still very uneven? Depending on the means, brands can produce content that is of more or less good quality. We still see some of them producing videos to iPhone without budget with very average results. Others have made people talk badly with awkward content. But what’s interesting is that talent is getting easier and easier to find as the YouTube generation arrives at an age where they are in the workforce. It is therefore possible to find these profiles and integrate them for relevant results. To take the example of Shadow, they took a YouTuber who had a small channel, who was not necessarily communicating but who knew YouTube well, whether it was the platform or its trends. This increases the quality of productions and makes them relevant.

Develop Your Visibility And The Notoriety Of Your Company On The Internet

Finally, what do you think are the video trends of the year? The relationship to monetization is changing on the YouTubers’ side. For several years, Americans have had a way of selling product placements to brands that is very different from that of the French. We are currently seeing the emergence in France of an advertising format that did not exist a few years ago, InStream Ads. This involves introducing your video by specifying that it is sponsored by an advertiser, then talking about this sponsor in the heart of the video, in the middle of the content. It was still very frowned upon a short time ago, but it is starting to become more democratic. This should normalize fairly quickly. For brands, it’s much more engaging to get people talking about them without necessarily being at the center of the subject of the video.

The explanation for this is quite simple: users often ask Google questions, so it makes sense for questions to move up in search results. If the reader sees the question which is his, he will imagine that the link gives the exact answer to his question. In terms of title structure, according to Backinko, titles between 15 and 40 characters have the best CTRs. Overall, shorter titles perform better than long ones. For more information, the full study is available at this link . She is also interested in the impact of URLs on CTR, as well as on words used in titles. and they are aggregated onto a digital medium, app and site. The impact on my field of intervention is… that it is linked to things other than my field of intervention.


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