Discover our selection of training courses to master SEO techniques and become an SEO expert. This short training course, delivered by Info conception, is open to current employees, job seekers and businesses. It takes place over one day. The objective: to provide you with all the skills Belarus WhatsApp Number List to improve the content of your website and allow you to stand out in the best positions on Google. You will understand how search engines work, how to choose your keywords or manage your local SEO. A laptop computer, mastery of navigation and information research on the internet are required to follow this training, intended for communication officers, business creators, community managers or web developers. NOVOLINKO offers you a three-day training course open to all. You can follow it in a center, in a company or remotely.

After an initiation to search engines, you will learn how to rank your website in the various search engines. The best techniques to optimize your SEO will no longer hold any secrets for you, just like the actions related to the popularity of your site, or the link between SEO and social networks. The plus: personalized training, expert trainers and an educational platform promoting learning and monitoring. A laptop computer is essential for this training. The objectives of this training are multiple: you will learn the opportunities offered by natural referencing to define a strategy to put in place for your site, you will start your SEO thanks to the ON and OFF-Site optimizations and you will know how to use free and open tools. to position you well on Google. The training is offered by Matthieu Thomas and lasts three days.

SEO optimize your natural referencing – INDIVIDUAL

It is provided on an individual or inter-company basis, for several employees. It is aimed at all types of public involved in any digital project. A good knowledge of the computer and web environment is a plus for applying for this training. Syntheses Training offers you training geared towards the most widely used CMS on the web. On the program of this training, delivered at the center of Rennes over two days: an introduction to natural referencing, knowledge of WordPress parameters, its settings for writing, reading and discussions, content management with advice to avoid duplicate content, the use of extensions to detect 404 errors, link articles and reference your images, before ending with a focus on Yoast SEO. The training is open to current employees, job seekers and companies.


You will have to master WordPress with ideally some notions of HTML to follow this training. This training is delivered by Artoris in a company or in the center of Toulouse. It is carried out on one day face-to-face and 7 hours in e-learning. The objective: to understand how Google works, to discover the best natural referencing techniques, and to benefit from advice to improve your positioning in the results pages. To follow this training, trainees must have experience in managing a website or a culture on how a site works. Proficiency in HTML / CSS and FTP transfers is a plus. At the end of this training, you will obtain a TOSA Digital Skills certification. Social Media teams often lack the tools to effectively launch, manage and measure influencer campaigns. Stellar is a complete platform which offers an à la carte solution.

SEO training: optimize your natural referencing

Search for influencers, performance measurement, results forecasting, campaign management… You build the platform according to your needs. Stellar offers different ways to build its influencer database and find the right ambassadors for your campaigns. If you are looking for new profiles, you have access to the Stellar Index, an international catalog of over 10 million influencers. If, on the contrary, you already have a well-built network, you can simply import an Excel listing. For the catalog, the search is very simple, you just have to indicate key words, and to choose a channel between YouTube and Instagram. A series of filters allows you to do a really precise search. You can thus search for influencers according to the size of their community or their engagement on social networks, according to their thematic categories or their demographic data: language, gender, age, etc.

The filters also and above all relate to audiences according to the influencer: we can therefore search for an influencer according to the city, gender, age or even the authenticity of the subscribers to whom it is addressed. The profiles selected on the index or imported from your private network automatically generate files, by influencer, highlighting the latest published content and their statistics. Stellar allows you to follow in real time the publications of all the influencers you want to follow and monitor. You have access to all posts on Instagram (including IGTV stories and videos), YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The tool also automatically collects complete analytics on the influencer globally and by social network: number of subscribers, engagement rate, frequency of posts, video views, etc.



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