Monitoring its performance is a crucial step in its marketing strategy. Discover the main web analytics tools to successfully monitor your  activity. Who  San Marino Email List are my clients ? Where do they come from ? What are they doing on the pages of my website? Thanks to web analytics tools, marketers can now analyze the behavior of visitors on their various communication channels (website, blog, landing pages). Karim Lekhchine, consultant & trainer in digital marketing offers you a list of 5 key web analytics tools and details their functionalities. Behavioral study tools # 1 Google Analytics, the essential tool … Regularly enriched, Google Analytics offers vast possibilities in terms of website audience analysis. E-commerce, SEO or social media presence can be improved with this Web Analytics tool .

2 SEMRush Haven’t heard of SEMRush yet? Nothing’s easier ! Enter the URL of your blog or site in the search box at the top of the page, and SEMRush will show you the keywords you are ranked on . It will also indicate to you those on which the competing sites are classified, Google Adwords . Facebook Insights resembles Google Analytics in many ways. As a page administrator, you can follow daily active users, active monthly users and in particular new Likes registered per day on your interface. You can also track daily interactions such as comments, geographic location of visitors, external referrals, internal link traffic, and more. Youtube Analytics is a personal analysis and reporting tool that allows

The tools of “social measures”

It allows you to analyze your marketing efforts and determine the best way to optimize your campaigns . Discover, thanks to Instagram statistics, the preferences of your community, your engagement rate, the evolution of your followers, their socio-demographic characteristics. Decipher the behavior of your community. Create a global dashboard to formalize all the data on a single table. Use a traditional method like Excel and or more digital management with a CRM tool. A business dashboard is a single screen with the most important metrics. You have to get to the point and select the indicators that have the most challenges for your business. Your main mission is to obtain a global vision of your activity .


Web analytics tools are essential for any marketer, so remember to configure them, consult them regularly and especially to share this information with all of your teams. A word of advice: gather all this information on one and the same Dashboard to facilitate reading and the global vision. To learn more, read the article: 3 metrics to measure your customer experience Karim Lekhchine Consultant & trainer in digital marketing. A Premium version with more possibilities also exists. anyone with a YouTube account to view detailed statistics on the audience for videos they have uploaded to the site. Don’t try to control everything, don’t strive for perfection. On the contrary,

Behavioral study tools

Let go” and take a step back. Be inspired by the management methods of start-ups, allow yourself the right to make mistakes. Failure fuels success and develops innovation through a “Test & Learn” approach. It allows a company or a team to remain competitive. digital tools that make a manager’s life easier Whatsapp : set up a group with your team to quickly pass key information and avoid the abundance of emails. LinkedIn : develop its digital presence to bring together its network, dialogue with its key contacts but also gain visibility and legitimacy both internally and externally. Office365 : facilitate personal and team work processes through document sharing, remote communications or meetings and real-time data synchronization.


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