Not always clearly defined in publications, and little practiced by companies, the customer experience could be presented by an image, a Benin Phone Numbers List example, a quote. Imagine that your store is Disney. Imagine that when you receive an Amazon delivery on your birthday, confetti floods the room when you open the box. Imagine that your bank branch is Starbucks … Perhaps Tony Hsieh talks about it the best. Founder of, an online shoe sales site, bought for $ 1.2 billion by Amazon, so that all Zappos employees can spread their customer awareness within Amazon teams. Amazon is constantly working on its promise of fluidity (flawless and seamless). “Your customers won’t remember the words you said, your customers probably won’t remember the actions you took, but there is one thing your customers

will remember for a long time, that’s how they felt (how they felt) when they left your store… ” It’s about making interactions with customers more desirable and memorable.The customer experience is the capacity that a brand develops to integrate the emotional dimension into the customer relationship. It is the work that you do with your front-office teams (competence, proximity, etc. to the customer) to improve the customer’s perception of all of their interactions with the brand. The realization of an irreproachable offer with the collaborators face to face is worked by identifying all the irritating points (pain points) and the emotionally strong points to consolidate (strong points).

After the time of (false) promises, the time of (true) proof

And this work doesn’t stop when you leave the store. Very often, companies stop where everything begins for the customer… getting started, first uses, ordering accessories or consumables, maintenance,… is your offer easy to use? Does it provide pleasure to its users? (why choose between functional and emotional?). It is always very rewarding to rethink the value chain from the customer’s point of view.Customer delight through service excellenceIdea: what if we developed spaces where the brand would offer something other than off-the-shelf products? What if we had spaces to support the prospects’ journey (showroom), spaces to nurture customer relations, to dialogue with their best customers (to be able to immerse themselves in the universe of the brand)?


What if we developed associated services? When we talk about customer experience, the notion of loyalty is never very far away (I like this brand and because it creates memories and emotions). And make customers experience moments that are sources of enchantment, a unique emotion which is interesting in that it cannot be easily copied …Operational marketing – a gateway between strategic and tactical choices in the field – directly impacts the efficiency of your sales organization. Faced with difficult and multiple economic challenges, ensuring the success of its implementation is essential.
In this context, the operational marketing plan is a major tool. By determining the axes of progression, the actions to be carried out with the persons in charge, the means and the associated highlights, he shows the direction to the sales force. Here are some tips to help transform marketing goals into sales performance.

Integrate the sales force into the design of the operational marketing plan

Whether the operational marketing plan is established for your company, a “business unit” or an offer and whether it is drawn up for a year or a few months (or even less), involving the sales force very early remains a guarantee of success. In addition to the added value of its contribution, a very early involvement prepares the mobilization of all the teams during the launch.
The processes are multiple and adaptable to the size, structure and culture of your company. For example: participation in working groups, contribution to studies on sales sectors (market dynamics, customer needs, etc.) or informal exchanges – by telephone or face-to-face with key representatives (“old backpackers”, innovators, opponents, supporters, best sellers…).

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