Will Bing come back in the race against Google? Is SEO going to die like every year? Google BERT going to blow up your website? No. If, on the other hand, you are looking for real predictions on the trends to come in 2020, made by Cambodia WhatsApp Number List in the profession, you have come to the right place! 7 of them will fuel your reflection and (no doubt) create a debate by delivering their feelings about the upcoming changes in SEO in the coming months. I don’t see any radical changes happening at the algos and search engines level. The SERPs will continue to enrich themselves with content from publishers via all featured snippets , in the process increasing click-free searches on mobile. We are all going to talk about rich content, structured data, UX, video and netlinking. As in 2019, 2018 .

It is more in the way of understanding SEO that we can expect innovation. Automation is gaining ground, the approach is increasingly data-driven and makes SEOs of all kinds more efficient and relevant, in data analysis, language processing, on-site technical optimization. The power of SEO is also changing economic models, this is particularly evident in the media, where we see more and more comparators flourish to make affiliate sales. This goes hand in hand with the democratization of “black hat” techniques, hitherto confidential and shared under the cloak, which join the toolbox of all SEOs. 2020, the year of experience – Fabien, SEO manager at Hello Work SEO is a rapidly evolving practice that specializes and improves over time. Each year its fashions, each year its share of novelties. 2020 will be no exception. 2020 will be the year of experience in my opinion.

2020, the year of experience – Fabien Bougault, SEO manager at Hello Work

It is a fact, Google always seeks to respond better to the intention of the user. In line with Rankbrain and BERT , Google’s artificial intelligence will soon be able to better understand users’ search intentions based on their behavior, history and habits, and to offer a unique and personalized user experience. Google no longer resonates in keywords but seeks to understand the query as a whole based on a context. There will no longer be a SERP (search results page *) but SERPs for a query, “the SERP for the user”. As we can already see, Google is able to personalize the SERPs according to the fields of activity: news, e-commerce, health, employment… We no longer do the same referencing.


One thing is certain, satisfying your customers will become a profitable SEO strategy in 2020. Take care of the experience on your sites. Stop thinking about how to get your users to come, but how to get them to come back. Ask more from SEO – Fanny Baridon, SEO Project Manager at Webedia In my opinion, 2020 will be the year SEO leaves the realm of auditing and SEO to explore new avenues. With the increase in the size of keyword trails and their precision, users entrust us with more and more data about them during a simple search. We can now draw a real sociology of the Internet user. The increasing proportion of the population using voice control should provide even more rich data for analysis. I see a new field of SEO emerging in 2020 as SXO was able to stand out in 2018.

Ask more from SEO – Fanny Baridon, SEO Project Manager at Webedia

Content still king – Marie Le Moigne, SEO manager at Mediaveille “The Content is king” and it will still be relevant in 2020. Google updates encourage even more high quality content. There is a lot of talk about the BERT update. Google is getting smarter and smarter (artificially) and better and better at understanding the context of each word. Previously, you had to choose between writing for the Internet user and writing for Google, in 2020 the two become one. Authority and trust in the site are also important. Beyond the creation of external links (always necessary), it is necessary to show white paws, and to create a real authority of mark to perform in SEO. This is essential for YMYL sites, but I think it will become so for other sectors as well.

This leads the SEO to integrate SEO into a more global digital strategy including the other ON and OFF-line levers, to improve synergy. However, it is always essential not to forget the basics: technique, content, netlinking! We therefore have our work cut out for us and we are far from dead! Developments, no revolution – Christophe Rescan , SEO group leader Lefebvre Sarrut As in previous years, no revolution is to be expected. The key concepts remain: UX in the broad sense, quality and relevance of content, on-site optimization, popularity quanti and quali. Likewise, most of the 2019 topics will remain relevant: mobile-first index, featured snippets, SEO scientifization, etc. For 2020, however, some trends seem to me to be taking shape: JavaScript Frameworks: this is not new but it is a heavy trend, impacting and much more complex than a simple “Server Side Rendering”.


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