If you’re looking to increase visibility for your brand but are short on time and resources, you don’t need to spend hours creating tons of new Belgium Email List content. Refreshing and relaunching your existing content is a great way to increase the organic visibility of your pages, generate leads and convert more customers. Here are seven quick and easy tips that will allow you to make the most of the potential of your content already published on your site. Keyword research increases your organic visibility through SEO content optimization . If you’ve never done keyword research on your content before, you can start by answering the most popular questions about your topic. This will improve the reach of your content. To do this, we recommend that you take a look at Answer The Public .

Google Trends can additionally provide you with an up-to-date estimate of how popular your topic is at the moment, and then you can edit your content as needed by adding relevant keywords. Even if you did it initially, we recommend that you run a keyword research again to identify if new queries and ways of searching have emerged. This research can be done using a tool like the Google Keyword Planner to make sure your content is still relevant, or through the famous SEM Rush . Improve your credibility A few adjustments to the credibility of your existing articles can boost their organic visibility. You can improve the credibility of your content by: Adding author biographies that highlight your fields of activity and your skills.

Improve your credibility

Inserting quotes from experts or recognized people who talk about the subject. Checking the facts to see if anything has changed. Updating the sources and data used. Also display the post ‘s published and modified date and, again, its author. We also recommend that you allow Internet users to click on the author’s name in order to land on his dedicated page including a biography, a photo and his already published articles. For those working in the healthcare, e-commerce and financial services industries, these additions are not a recommendation, but a necessity ! The guidelines provided by Google to its Quality Raters stress the need to prove the expertise, authority and reliability of all YMYL (Your Money Your Life) sites. This need to show one’s degree of expertise, authority and reliability is summed up by the term EAT .


This factor was massively integrated into Google’s algorithm during its Medic Update, in 2018. Following this update of the core of the algorithm, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable before conducted an analysis on more than 300 categorized sites YMYL to illustrate those who had been most impacted by this Medic Update and the EAT. As you can see below, health sites are on the front line. site-ymyl-medic-update Optimize your content for conversion If your goal is to create content that converts your audience into customers, be sure to include a highly targeted call-to-action (CTA) or two at the end of your content, which takes your readers to either product-related content or to the product pages themselves. Highly targeted CTAs must be highly relevant and must be visible, without hindering the user’s reading.

Optimize your content for conversion

The inclusion of call-to-action makes your content actionable and drives readers through the conversion funnel , bringing them closer to a sale. By including them early on in the buying journey, readers can absorb the content, which can then influence their decision. CTAs can come in the form of buttons or links directly in the text. The link should be placed naturally in the text and not be garish or salesy. Add internal links Internal links make it easier for your users and Google to locate your content. A popular and effective method is to link to relevant pages in the content and vice versa. However, like with CTAs, don’t overdo it.

Below is an example of an interconnect taken from an article by Marie Claire on false eyelash effect mascaras. You will notice that links are added in the content to invite the reader and the search engine crawler to browse articles on related topics such as waterproof makeup. example-marie-claire-lien If you haven’t already, we also recommend that you introduce a carousel that links to related articles, guides and resources that are popular, new, or that relate to where you want to direct your visitors. example-block-articles-marie-claire Combine content to create comprehensive guides If your website has multiple content, each covering specific elements of a larger topic, you might consider merging that content into a single resource. For example, if you have three blog posts on the importance of cybersecurity, cybersecurity threats, and cybersecurity programming, you could put them together in one in-depth guide.


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