1- Define the fundamentals of your content strategy The first thing to do as part of a content strategy is to define clear objectives and KPIs in Guadeloupe Email List order to effectively monitor your brand content strategy. Once these benchmarks have been established, draw up a robot portrait of targets in order to detect the most appropriate and relevant content. This will allow you to identify the focus and the content family to prioritize as part of your content strategy. Finally, in order to be informed of the latest news and stay as close as possible to the needs of your community, it is essential to set up analysis tools. 2- Declining the editorial charter of its content strategy When the framework of your brand content strategy is set,

you will facilitate the animation of your content strategy by constituting this reference document that formalizes the style, positioning, content structure and editorial rules, in substance as well as in form. In this way, you will get more ease in the management and animation of your brand content planning. 3- Anticipate the promotion and distribution of the content of your content strategy The content of a brand content strategy cannot be thought of in isolation. Indeed, its intrinsic function is to be disseminated, shared, commented on… This is why it is essential for any brand content manager to adapt the format of the content to the different promotion channels. On the other hand,

1- Define The Fundamentals Of Your Content Strategy

one of the keys to success is to use advertising formats to increase the impact and virality of your content strategy. 4- Bring depth to your content strategy using storytelling techniques Do you know your objectives, the tastes of your audience, the schedule and the dissemination channels for your brand content strategy? Now you need to give it an identity, a character. Your content strategy must, in fact, convey a universe, values, a vision of the world. Do not hesitate to tell about its raison d’être, its heroes and its obstacles. 5- Generate engagement through your content strategy The main objective of a brand content manager is to succeed in arousing the engagement of his community


thanks to a unique and differentiating content strategy. To stimulate this content strategy and transform users into ambassadors, favor interactive and participatory content. 6- Optimize your content strategy: think about Lean Content Management Fueling a rich, brand content strategy requires a lot of resources and a lot of creativity. Brand content must therefore find tips to optimize its actions. Do not hesitate to resort to recycling and content curation to implement effective content strategies despite limited resources. Keep in mind that any content production as part of your content strategy must add value that is unique to you compared to the original content. Otherwise beware of duplication …

3- Anticipate The Promotion And Distribution Of The Content Of Your Content Strategy

7- Find inspiration to renew your content strategy Contrary to your imagination, a brand content strategy cannot take a break… Rely on brainstorming tools and methodologies to renew and challenge your content ideas. Finally find inspiration in an expanded watch. Samantha Noyon , Strategy & Communication Consultant, Web Me Up samantha-noyon.strikingly.com Rozenn Nardin, professional experienced in the creation and deployment of listening to media and social networks, gives you some advice to help you choose and launch your social media intelligence project with a trusted partner . If you have followed our first 4 tips for getting started with a social media intelligence system , you can challenge your service providers a little more on two more specific issues.

Evaluate knowledge of distortion effects in social media intelligence via listening tools and social platforms In addition to the main classical arbitration elements in social media intelligence which ultimately are more common sense than a grub reserved for the most experts, we must also look at the side of human -machine interaction . Taking such a look to evaluate a social media intelligence device is not as complicated as it sounds, but oh so useful when you know the “distortion” effect on certain trends created by social tools and platforms like Twitter or Facebook, or which are the result of misuse or a lack of digital culture of the human in charge of producing the study! This involves evaluating the degree of interaction that takes place between the social media capture / monitoring tool,

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