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Discover all our training courses to master Google AnalyticsAfter studying food engineering, Géraldine Sejourne quickly developed an interest in product design. She then completed her training as a product manager and project manager. She began her career, on the distributor side, at Comptoirs Modernes (Match, Stoc) which was then integrated into the Carrefour group where she completed her collaboration as Category Manager “maintenance”. In this position, she meets suppliers including Novamex, and she will have the opportunity to contribute to the listing of the first Ecolabel L’Arbre Vert dishwashing liquid in Carrefour stores. When she left the Carrefour group, she took the opportunity to create the position she currently holds at Novamex.

What qualities / skills are you looking for in your teams?

You have been Marketing and Communication Director at NOVAMEX – L’ARBRE VERT for almost 14 years, what were your main challenges? When I arrived at Novamex, I had to create the group’s marketing and communication structure, this was my first challenge. The second was to convince, almost 15 years ago, of the value of an ecological offer. It was not, then, easy, because we were faced with many brakes and complete disinterest on the part of the brands. To raise their awareness, we have therefore set up an educational system, targeting distributors and consumers. One of the main objectives was to explain, for example, the interest of an ecological product and what the European Ecolabel certification consists of.


We completed this educational message by addressing the positive impact of ecological cleaning products on the health of consumers. At the time, it was a subject that was still little known. Our stake was and remains above all, to speak “truth”, without resorting to self-proclamation, to fight against greenwashing and health washing. To approve our health approach, we worked with a network of doctors who wanted to help patients choose products that are more respectful of their health. With, in addition, adapted educational communication (leaflets available in waiting rooms, information letters), we have succeeded in helping doctors to better answer the questions of their increasingly aware patients, who are in a way who have become “prescribers” of our products.

What advice would you give to a future manager?

Since my beginnings, I have seen a real change in consumer behaviour. Protecting the environment has become a major concern that challenges brands. This confirms the educational role that we must assume and claim as ecological experts. Our goal is to help consumers make their own choices. It is in this sense that we must adapt each year to new data: regulatory revisions, renewal of credibility elements, etc. The challenge has therefore not yet been met, but it is particularly motivating. Since taking office, NOVAMEX – L’ARBRE VERT has experienced tremendous growth, with a turnover multiplied by 20. How do you manage to achieve and support such growth? We have always been committed to high quality products providing guarantees of efficiency and quality in our raw materials, with external guarantees such as the eco-label. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns.

The consumer is not mistaken. It is to him that we mainly owe our success. It is at the center of our decisions and our developments. Our new products (shower gel, shampoo, deodorant, etc.) are thus developed on demand. The customer returns nourish our branding cross and our brand shines more because we value consumers become many ambassadors. This is all justified by a pricing strategy aimed at guaranteeing products at reasonable prices to strengthen the loyalty of our customers. What is your secret so that this performance is as virtuous as the values ​​of your products? This is due to the consistency of our speech. We are not drifting. Each product respects our specifications which are becoming increasingly strict in anticipation of future regulations. Faced with competition from multinationals with large communication budgets,

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