The first thing to do is to order these products for sale yourself, to make great marketing photos. Fashion photos always work best when worn, so don’t hesitate to ask the sportspeople around you. Show the different models, colors, and patterns. As well as the practical aspects of these shorts. Smartphone pocket and towel holder. And why not just make a product marketing video? This is really ideal and it can be done with just a good smartphone. Then use it to do Facebook or Instagram ads and experiment with different ad campaigns to see what works best.

Here is an example of targeting to get started with this product for sale outdoor. Location: France Age: 18 – 30 Gender male Interests: People watching. Sport, tennis, running, bodybuilding, fitness But also. Sports clothing Devices: all Investments: Wire news Facebook, Thread Instagram Instagram Stories Product for sale – May: the short skirt This time in the Product Watch, we are talking about sport, style, practice, we are talking about a sports skirt. This product for sale is not new in itself, it has been a long time since tennis woman have been using it on courts all over the world, but it has been a big hit in the US lately.

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Product winner summer 2022 It must be said that with fine weather and months of confinement. The outdoor market is exploding and with it, all kinds of suitable equipment and clothing. As we can see on social networks, there is also a big trend in street Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers dance, rollerblading, and those kinds of sports, for which style is just as important as technique. You will understand, it is a product for sale on which we can bet. We can also clearly see on the Google Trends curve the regular success of the short skirt itself. Except now it’s become a trending product.

Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers
Bulgaria Mobile Phone Numbers

Google Trends short skirt Click here to start selling this product. Price What price should I give to this product for sale? You can source this product for between 4 and 8 €. Some models are more around 10/15 €, with interesting options: for example an integrated pocket for the smartphone. At the same time, you can find this product sold between 30 and 50 € depending on the brand, which leaves you a good commercial margin. As the skort takes up little space when folded, you can take advantage of free delivery and offer it to your customers or free up part of your margin on it. The test on product prices is important, do not hesitate to experiment, while remaining within market prices.

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Product cost: 10 € Recommended retail price: € 30 Marketing For the marketing of this product for sale. You are already advised to order a few samples and take your own photos. If this is not possible, you can use a photo of the item of clothing worn by the supplier, but make your own for product details. Ideally, you will take a photo in situ, during a running or dancing session. Feel free to send the product to influencers, who might produce some marketing content that you can reuse. Highlight the advantages of the product: Style Convenient Several colors/patterns Dries ultra quickly Compatibility with different sports etc.

Launch ads on Facebook, Instagram and analyze your results to optimize them afterward. We give you an example of targeting for a first launch of this product for sale: Location: France Age: 18 – 30 Gender: female Interests: People watching: sport, dance, running, yoga, rollerblades But also: sports clothes, dance clothes Devices: all Investments: Wire news Facebook, Thread Instagram Instagram Stories Product for sale – April: the cable organizer Fans of storage and Marie Kondo have a lot of enemies. And among them, one which tends to multiply: electric wires. Technology is invading all aspects of our lives, and it consistently brings back its friends the wires and chargers.

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