The end of the year celebrations have long heralded a turning point for brands. In 2020, it goes without saying that Christmas promises to wear Lithuania Phone Number List  new looks, in our cottages and in the shops. This year, the e-commerce sector has already broken records in terms of turnover with 22 billion euros, despite a decline in individual purchasing power. Indeed, between the desire to avoid the crowd and closed signs, physical stores have been largely abandoned in favor of online sales .

There is no question of giving up the magic of Christmas, however: e-commerce players, in 2020, the success of the holiday season depends on you! To make the most of this opportunity, discover our 9 tips for preparing for Christmas with a creative and effective multi-lever digital strategy . 1. Start in November While last-minute enthusiasts are not uncommon, Christmas shopping starts as early as November, if not earlier. In addition, the eleventh month of the year is marked with two must-see dates for online sales: Black Friday , which will take place on November 27, and Cyber ​​Monday , which follows it closely on Monday, November 30. To prepare for it, it is not yet too late. Discover our 10 tips for preparing for Black Friday at the last minute !

9. Engage Your Community On Social Media

2. Take care of your mobile platformAccording to a study conducted by Statista in 2019, 73% of e-commerce sales should be made via mobile in 2021. A prediction that promises to prove since the share of mobile in online shopping is increasing exponentially. To make your holiday season a success, make sure you have a responsive mobile platform to offer your customers a perfect “on the go” user experience .

3. Set up SEA campaignsAlthough digital acquisition channels are diversifying, search engine searches for gifts have not aged a bit. Prepare now for your company’s Google Ads and Bing Ads campaigns to position yourself on Christmas-related queries. The Shopping ads are a great way to inspire users with pictures careful while giving them essential information about your product.


4. Stars in the eyes A good Christmas marketing strategy cannot be conceived without the appropriate aesthetic universe . Dress your site, your campaign visuals and product sheets in the colors of the festivities to arouse positive emotions and immerse your customers in an enchanted atmosphere , even through their screen.


Bring flagship products to the forefrontCertain products are an unshakeable success at the end of each year, others have a more dazzling glory. Stay tuned for new gift trends to concoct a special Christmas selection to showcase on your store. Assemble as much as possible the essentials of always (jewelry, books, decoration …), your own flagship products, and the new stars of the pine trees. Stand out with an attractive offer Despite an overall increase in online sales, the average shopping basket for consumers will not be at its highest this year. When some capitalize on the holiday season to inflate their prices, stand out by offering an attractive offer . Now is the time to implement a pop-up strategy on your website to claim free shipping, a promo code or an exclusive product category discount.

8. Work On Your Seo In Christmas Colors

7. Limited time offers limited time offer The profusion of promotional actions at the end of the year is a double-edged sword: on the one hand, it strongly encourages new acquisitions, but on the other, it can give the impression that purchases can be postponed until the next day. the offers seem to be endlessly renewed.


To avoid indecision and cart abandonment, create offers that are explicitly limited in time . Highlight them through a countdown or specify the duration in the subject of your e-mailing campaigns. Work on your SEO in Christmas colors So that your Christmas offer is seen by as many people as possible, optimize your website now for SEO by including content on this theme. Position yourself on important keywords such as “Christmas gift”, “gift ideas”, and on keywords specific to your field of activity Creating an optimized landing page bringing together your gift selections and current offers is a good method to improve your SEO.  Engage your community on social media smartphone christmas table photo The Christmas season is a great time to strengthen ties with your community on social media. Opt for interactive publications such as polls or questions ,

story on Instagram, on Facebook or Twitter. These posts will allow you to better understand your community and its needs while boosting your engagement rate .

The contests are also appropriate at this time of year. Create the buzz by bringing into play attractive prizes for which Internet users will not hesitate to distribute your content.

You have all the cards in hand to build an impeccable Christmas marketing strategy and place your best products under all the trees! To boost your performance during the holiday season thanks to effective and relevant multi-lever campaigns, contact us .

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