Google officially announces that a major update to its algorithm took place on September 24. Code name: September 2019 Core Update. The Google Search Formations, in partnership with the University of Paris Dauphine, offers a 10-day training course to discover all the levers of digital marketing. The “ Marketing and digital communication ” cycle of x, in partnership with the University of Paris Dauphine, offers a global vision of digital professions and issues, to Japan WhatsApp Number List understand the challenges and possibilities it offers to professionals in the digital sector. sector. To discover the content of the training and its objectives, we interviewed Richard, Sandra and Pierre . Richard is Business Development Manager at . Sandra is the magazine press market manager for Notre Temps at Bayard Presse and has completed the “ Marketing and digital communication ” cycle.

Pierre is president of , a co-digitalization firm, and is in charge of the first training module. Training for managers and decision-makers in marketing and communication The “ Marketing and digital communication ” cycle is aimed primarily at business leaders and decision-makers and marketing and communication professionals who wish to develop their mastery of e-marketing and new digital disciplines. Its content makes it possible to meet different expectations, according to Richard. ” We have worked, in partnership with the University of Paris Dauphine, on a complete program which allows to have a transversal vision of the major digital trends, to understand the complementary mechanisms between the different web levers but also to have very practical advice. on mechanisms to be implemented within his company.

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This program was designed to meet three types of audiences: decision-makers who need a global vision in terms of web strategy, more operational professionals who must understand their role in this strategy and optimize their practices, but also people in retraining who wish to move towards this sector, in particular by creating a business. One of the strong advantages of the “ Marketing and Digital Communication ” cycle is that it is certified. A certificate will be given to you at the end of the course by the University of Paris-Dauphine, attesting to the acquisition of digital skills, if you validate both cases of application. It gives the right to an equivalence of 3 teaching units of the Master Communication Marketing de Paris-Dauphine if you wish to carry out a VAE.


A significant plus for professionals wishing both to integrate digital into their strategy, but also to showcase new skills on their CV. Florence Benoît-Moreau, Senior Lecturer at Paris Dauphine University and educational director of training, explains that it was built “ with the objective of remaining generalist in order to understand the challenges of digital marketing levers, how to use them, and when. This should allow those present to become architects of web projects. The goal is not to know precisely the inner workings of each profession, but to have a global vision. The first two-day module, led by Pierre Bizollon, sets the tone by offering an overview of the ingredients of a digital strategy before going into more detail in different web verticals.

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The objective is to cover the major trends, their evolution and the opportunities they can offer to professionals. What questions should we ask ourselves in order to have a strategy that is sharp, efficient, and that allows for profitability and return on investment? Among the main topics discussed, Pierre cites ” the priority levers to be activated that best meet the different stages of a web user’s journey, the investment trends on these different levers or even the management of performance (dashboards, KPI, attribution). ” The rest of the program will allow each of these topics to be deepened, but also to explore in more detail the different levers of visibility. Two days are thus devoted to the design of high-performance sites, and notably address the topics of customer experience and user experience.

This module is led by Christophe Pilot, consultant in UX design. Social media and influencing strategies will occupy a day with Mélanie Hossler, founder of the social media creation and consulting agency Mioche Studio. An overview of the paid acquisition levers of the digital ecosystem will be carried out by Pascal Malotti, Business Development & Strategy Director of Valtech France, and will address in particular affiliation, search marketing, e-mail marketing, programmatic or even Facebook targeting. After two days devoted to data (collection, analysis, performance measurement, etc.) carried out by Bruno Valette, Global Head of Data Intelligence at Christian Dior Couture, the training will end with a day of practice and exercises. Evaluation. It will be led by one of the educational directors, Eva Delacroix or Florence Benoît-Moreau.

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