How we can optimize the Oberlo / Shopify integration. A very simple way to do this: make collections. Collections are a great way to make your Shopify dropshipping store easier to navigate. Think about your favorite online stores, they certainly offer collections: men’s fashion, women’s fashion, sales, new arrivals, etc. Collections are simply a simple way to divide your store into different areas that are pleasant for your future customers to visit. Study the products in your niche and see how you could divide them into collections that are relevant and attractive to your customers Step 10.

Domain In the interface of your Shopify dropshipping store, you will be asked if you want to add a domain name. Shopify will scan the web to make sure your domain name is free. It will cost you $ 14 per year. This is a minimal expense when launching a Shopify dropshipping store. As soon as you get your domain, Shopify gives you email addresses. The “info and “sales  addresses will be automatically synchronized with the address you have already given. This is great news, because an address like will mostly give you a legitimate contact page. Also count Shopify subscription fees, which start at $ 29 per month.

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You therefore do not need to enter your products one by one, which takes a considerable amount of time. To import your Oberlo products to Shopify, nothing could be simpler: in Oberlo, go to “Import list”. Check all the products at the top left of the list, then Slovenia Phone Number click “Import all to store”. imported products And There you go ! You can quickly make your first sales on your Shopify dropshipping store. Step 9: Manage your Oberlo products in Shopify Ok, so we have: Found products on Oberlo We edited and exported them to Shopify Launched a nice dropshipping store with Shopify Products online on Shopify We’re almost there, but we’re not completely done building our dropshipping store with Shopify.

Slovenia Phone Number
Slovenia Phone Number

It’s up to you to see what information your customers can look for. Oberlo import products The import list also allows you to choose which product photos you want to use, as well as the different variations of your products and the associated prices. Here you can also modify your prices directly to increase or reduce your margins and offer a better price. In short, you can build your product catalog via the import list. Once the products are imported, you will still be able to edit them from Shopify. Step 8: Connect your Oberlo account to Shopify One of Oberlo’s main advantages is that the app allows you to import all of your previously selected product catalog at once.

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In fact, the import list allows you to polish your catalog and remove what is unnecessary. Sometimes the original name of the products is not optimal, or the product descriptions are not inspiring. The import list is also where you manage the optimization of your product listings on search engines . This is where to place keywords or phrases that people are likely to search for. This is also where you will have the opportunity to answer the questions people have about your products, by filling in your descriptions. Look at listings from other sites and see if you find any recurring themes, like details about fit or colors.

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