The voice search is taking hold in our practices. This phenomenon continues to grow. This use could well accelerate with the arrival of “ Actions on Google ”, an application platform integrating the functionalities of Google Assistant. Launched in October, 8 companies in France are already taking it up. What is Google Assistant? To define what Google Assistant is, or the Google Assistant, we could say that it is a “smart personal assistant”. It is at least in these terms that it is named by the teams of Google, the day of its launch in France. More specifically, Google Assistant allows you to perform a personalized and voice search from your computer or from your phone, via a wireless speaker. It was developed for iPhones and mobiles equipped with Android 6.0 and above, but also for Google Home, a connected speaker equipped with Google Assistant.

Voice control is also available from the new speakers equipped with the Google Assistant device. The big brands that offer it are JBL, Sony, Panasonic, Anker. In their own way, they democratize the use of the built-in speaker and the use of voice requests. This practice should become more and more commonplace, not to mention that a whole range of connected household appliances should soon appear on the market. The manufacturer LG is working on Germany Phone Number List automation applications which would make it possible, via the “OK Google” command, to start the vacuum cleaner, the dishwasher or the washing machine. In addition, as Raphaël marketing director of Google France underlined during the launch event of Google Home , the voice request simplifies digital interactions within the home: “voice control makes it possible to take better advantage of the moment in which we are ”.

What is Google Assistant?

‘Or’ What ? Just say “OK Google”, then ask your question. Why voice search is essential in the uses? What is “Actions on Google”? Voice search is therefore a change in use that is intensifying, at the same time as mobile searches are increasing. This year, for the first time, telephone inquiries exceeded those conducted on a computer. In 2017, 52.7% of total web traffic came from mobile Recognizing this trend, Amazon and Google have created platforms that link to applications based on two-way conversation. Amazon first took the advantage by making Alexa able to understand and respond to voice searches. And the e-commerce giant then made the difference by allowing the integration of Alexa with third-party applications . These voice applications, called “Skills ”, were subsequently able to be developed freely by third-party developers. How? ‘Or’ What ? Thanks to the availability of the “Alexa Skills Kit” development kit.


After performing a speech recognition test, you can engage in two-way conversations using Google Assistant. How? Google responded to the release of Google Home, in November 2016, with the integration of the Google Assistant in this speaker, but also by launching “Actions on Google”. This platform is aimed at developers to allow them to create conversation actions, in order to integrate their services with Google Assistant. Source How to create a voice application using “Actions on Google”? Since Google opened the Google Assistant SDK to developers, it is now possible to develop your own voice application from the dedicated page . There are several ways to do this: Templates : Easily build your app from a predefined template that you can customize. Use this conversational platform which integrates, among other things, the features of the Actions SDK to allow you to design your own conversational experience and create applications (“Actions”).

Why voice search is essential in the uses?

The team Actions on Google: the platform to take advantage of voice search There are also: And his genius who can read minds And his English and Spanish teachers to chat with SHE horoscope Plume Labs . To conclude If the arrival in France of “Actions on Google” is still marginal, there is no doubt that the number of applications will increase. As a result, the voice request will be practiced more and more and come into common use. The algorithms will thus be enriched by the growing number of requests and become more and more efficient in their responses. Your searches will not only be vocal. They will become “audible”, that is to say more and more understandable by the search engine which will personalize the response (cf. our article: ” Tell me what you are looking for, I will tell you who you are “) .

Each uses it differently: and its dedicated concierge Phil Actions on Google: the platform to take advantage of voice search Actions on Google: the platform to take advantage of voice search We can then wonder to what extent “Actions on Google” will not accelerate the use of voice search. And therefore, impact your SEO. To help you remain visible in the voice searches of your Internet users and to adapt your natural or paid referencing strategy, our agency, attentive to technological developments , is at your disposal . You will know how to listen and support brands or companies in their digital communication approach. A memorandum of understanding was signed with the aim of: ” pooling resources to provide digital services for players in the energy transition and jointly meet the legal and regulatory obligations for the provision of data “.


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