Location-based Snapchat filters reach an average of 40 to 60% of daily users. Add fun to your image with Lenses Who hasn’t already had fun with Snapchat Lenses (those animated filters that you add live on your face before taking the picture)? The sponsored version of these filters helps to add interaction and fun to branding by creating ‘play time’. On average, spend 20 seconds on each filter: enough to convey their message effectively! Video player 00:00 00:08 Snapchat is a game-changer by moving from discreet ads to embedded videos. We imagine that advertisers will be ready to put their hands in their pockets to reach their targets at the heart of their daily lives! We therefore predict a bright future for it, at the risk of overshadowing the largest social networks, when we know that the number of videos viewed every day already equals that of Facebook.

An appellation that suits him well. The firm has indeed revealed (very) ambitious prospects: after a turnover of 59 million dollars in 2015, it is even targeting the billion by the end of 2017. The new customizable geo-localized filter to be where are You Nepal Phone Number List probably already familiar with geolocated filters, which appear for example during nearby events, or when you visit a particular city or place. Well, it is now possible to create your own: via the Snapchat On Demand site, you can upload your visual, then select the location in which you want to apply it, and let’s go! The price will depend on the geographic coverage and especially on the lifespan you want to give your filter (from $ 5). At the scale of your company, it is an effective way to get people talking about you, by promoting an event that you are organizing for example.

Snapchat Partners: A High-end Team

While current competitors like Facebook offer more than fine-grained targeting, there’s no telling Snapchat’s service isn’t going to grow. Snapchat Partners: a high-end team The multinational has surrounded itself well to embark on the adventure. Many partners will provide it with tools to distribute, create and manage the performance of its advertisements. The new Snapchat API thus wishes to creatively and innovatively optimize the connection between its advertisers and its community. And for its test phase, the application has not chosen to work with just anyone: Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Warner… the biggest film studios will be the first to prove their worth on the network. snapchat-partners A bet that can pay off Following this advertisement which hit the headlines, the application was described as a real “unicorn”. In corporate jargon, a unicorn refers to a company with a bright future.


With its billions of videos viewed every day, it represents a considerable market and thus finds itself in the viewfinder of all advertisers. However, not everyone will be able to claim the title of Snapchat Advertiser, and the selection will be difficult. In order not to remain on the sidelines, it will be necessary to be inventive: the goal is not to invade the story of users with bland and annoying advertisements, each proposed creation must pass under the keen eye of the validation office. . Snap Ads pricing and targeting Due to the much higher click-through rate than other apps, Snapchat ranks among the more expensive advertising channels, with an estimated CPM of around $ 40-60 – this price is supposed to decrease afterwards. As for the targeting techniques offered for Snapchat Ads, advertisers can target by age, location, gender, device, telecom companies and affinities.

The New Customizable Geo-localized Filter To Be Where Snapchatters Are

Brands will be able to tell their own “story” with Snap Ads The project is to make advertising clips appear between the stories of your contacts. With the advent of advertising, advertiser videos will slip into your friends’ videos. The video in the unusual vertical format, should not last more than 10 seconds, but have the choice to learn more by swiping the screen upwards, thus revealing additional content and immersing the interested user in the video. universe of the brand. Video player 00:00 00:10 Note that the first results were convincing, since the engagement rate is higher: five times more advertising sweeps on Snapchat than click-through rates on other platforms. High quality advertisements The photo and video sharing application opens the field of possibilities thanks to new advertising formats – full screen, vertical – which will allow the biggest brands to let their creativity speak.

With the number of users still on the rise – 10 billion videos are now viewed every day by more than 150 million active users – the application enjoys unparalleled young positioning. Something to make people envious. That’s why management decided to open its doors to advertisers with Snapchat Ads, opening up whole new advertising opportunities. Our agency being about to adopt a new SEO expert , I thought this was the right opportunity to do together, take stock of the qualities and skills that an SEO expert is supposed to have today. SEO is a field that is constantly evolving. For more than four years now, the Facebook is considering allowing the administration of Groups to Pages. In other words, if you have a professional page on Facebook, you will soon be able to integrate Facebook groups of which you are an administrator into your page.

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