Lately, the giant of social networks multiplies the novelties. Facebook, which has reached the record number of 2 billion users worldwide, continues to deploy new features on its social network. And other new features announced will still punctuate this year 2017. What features can boost your Facebook strategy as a professional? What will change with the new algorithmic update to Facebook’s news feed? We take stock in this article. Newsfeed algorithm update: what are the changes? Facebook recently announced the update of its Newsfeed Ranking Algorithm , in other words the way of ranking and filtering posts will change. Your Facebook strategy could therefore also undergo some adjustments to meet the new requirements of the algorithm. Irrelevant and low-quality posts will be at a disadvantage You are not without noticing that your Facebook news feed is saturated. There is always more content, but it is not always relevant.

The new algorithm update tends to penalize this type of content. As such, Facebook will give more importance to: direct : the reactions, shares and comments of a publication will be more prominent; authentic content : Facebook will identify and penalize Pages that regularly publish unwanted content, false information ( fake news ), click-trap Belarus Phone Numbers List ( clickbait ), and those that use overly inciting methods (request to share, encourage likes and comments) to boost engagement. Publications hidden by the user will also be taken into account; “Hot content” : publications that are of interest at the time of publication (depending on an event, a fad, news, etc.) will be highlighted. Long videos will be more visible Video is a very engaging format that dominates our Facebook news feed. Thus, the videos do not escape the update of the algorithm. With the new criteria of the algorithm, priority to direct .

New features to use in your Facebook strategy

Likewise, Facebook will give more importance to long videos . You should know that Facebook’s algorithm takes into account the completion rate of a video, that is to say, it favors videos that are viewed in full. This is a good way to prioritize the posts that will be of most interest to users. However, this method has a flaw. This criterion does not take into account the total duration of the video. Thus, short videos are favored to the detriment of longer ones. This is why the update of the algorithm will take into account the total duration of the videos in order to be able to compare them with each other. Before, a long video with a completion rate of 10% was less visible than a short video with a completion rate of 50%. From now on, the completion rates will be compared over equivalent durations.


A new video has just been published for the launch of the new season in September. New tools are offered to Group administrators The Facebook groups are often underutilized by brands, and their potential underestimated. We had already talked about it in this article . However, they can have a commercial as well as a marketing interest. Groups can be used as a communication tool to exchange more easily with your customers, but also as a tool for building loyalty. They allow you to federate a real community made up of your most loyal customers. While brands rarely use Groups in their Facebook strategy, users have adopted them by creating Groups relating to certain brands. In total, more than a billion users are registered with a Group. Faced with this success with users, Facebook has just deployed 5 new tools for administrators and moderators .

Newsfeed algorithm update: what are the changes?

New features to use in your Facebook strategy In addition to updating the news feed algorithm, the social network has started to launch new features that may well boost your Facebook strategy. Cover videos are available on the Pages We noticed this novelty in April on the Facebook page of the Netflix series. Cover videos are now extended to all Facebook Pages. The video, lasting 20 to 90 seconds, starts directly (without sound) when the Page is opened and runs in a loop. This feature brings even more creativity and dynamism to your Page . For a product launch, you can use it as a teaser, for example. This is what was done on the Page. Statistical tools : To follow the evolution of your Group community, you will thus have KPIs in order to measure the levels of membership and commitment of your Group.

Facebook strategy: new tools for Groups Source: TechCrunch A moderation tool : Moderation will be much easier than before. If you ban someone who disturbs your Group or does not respect the rules you have established, you can also delete their posts and comments as well as the members they have added. Facebook strategy: new tools for Groups Source: TechCrunch A filter on addition requests : You can set up filters to add only certain members according to their gender or their location. Likewise, you can create a questionnaire of 1 to 3 questions to check, for example, why they want to join the Group.
Facebook strategy: new tools for Groups Facebook strategy: new tools for Groups Source: TechCrunch What’s new on Facebook Messenger? Two notable new features are to be reported on Facebook Messenger: the integration of payment and the arrival of advertising on Messenger.

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