Another strategy for this product to sell is to market for the long term, through videos, blog posts or audios that discuss all the benefits of foam rollers and why they are used by many athletes. After all, if it’s good for James Lebron, it’s good for everyone! Optimize your SEO for good natural referencing and place yourself well in the search results and thus benefit from a constant flow of potential customers. Ok, that’s it for this week. We give you an example of targeting below if you want to do Facebook or Instagram ads. Facebook Ads targeting Location: France Age.

So put yourself in the shoes of the consumer: what do you want to know about this product? What it brings of course! You want to know that it is a product that will instantly relieve fatigue and muscle tension. This is the basis of marketing: playing on emotion rather than rationality. So do not hesitate to use it in your marketing campaigns. Run Facebook and Instagram ads with visuals that show product interests. Show how it feels so good after using these foam rollers.

The Rules For Using Aliexpress

Anyone who already has a routine is always curious to try out a new fitness product. In the USA, it’s already a hit. Look at the Google Trends curve: Google trends product search The term “foam rollers” has been trending steadily since last year Cameroon Phone Number and indicates a + 350% increase in searches for foam leg rollers. Remember that surely the people doing this research have a strong intention to buy. And let’s be clear here. We are not only targeting people who have made good health resolutions, but also those who want to save money and play sports at home.

Cameroon Phone Number
Cameroon Phone Number

Everything lines up here to make it a great product to sell. Let’s move on to pricing strategy and marketing tips to sell this product well. Products for sale: price strategy The good news is that you can source these products at very reasonable prices from Oberlo suppliers. Foam rollers can be found around € 4, which is a pretty decent price. Especially if you consider that similar products can be sold between 25 € and 60 € in the market. Unfortunately, the delivery is not free on the foam rollers since they are medium in size, but the costs are still ok. Depending on your delivery destinations, count between € 3 and € 4 for delivery costs.

Avoid Bulky Expensive

So we arrive at a total purchase cost of around 8 €. So, we recommend that you sell it on your online store for around € 25, € 30. This puts you on the low end of the market, which is a great place to start. If you sell at this price, you will still be making quite a bit of margin, to set aside or reinvest in your store. So of course the question now is how are you going to make those sales. So let’s move on to marketing. Product cost: 8 € Recommended retail price: 25 – 30 € Marketing strategy Honestly, at first glance, you don’t necessarily understand what this foam roller is for.

So this week, in the product for sale of Product Watch we present the foam rollers. Product for sale March 2021 Click on the image above to start selling this product. These fitness accessories help relieve tension, pain, and inflammation of the muscles. Thanks to this product, you will be able to recover faster and therefore train more. It is the ideal accessory for a warm-up routine or to get back to normal after exercise. So a winning product or a good one? We say the great potential for this product to sell. And this is for two reasons: It’s springtime soon, which means people will be tackling a new exercise routine.

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