Thomas Rudelle was in business school at a time when social media did not exist. He therefore began his career in the traditional advertising sector Lebanon Email List without finding any fulfillment there. It was in London that he finally discovered his path: social media. Thomas is convinced that it is by doing what we like and not what we should do that we explode professionally. Lucky are those who, like him, find the winning combination: a sector with economic potential and personal development. You’ve been Digital Care and Social Media Director at Carrefour for a little less than a year, what have been your main challenges? I had to understand very quickly the stakes of a sector very different from that of the insurance or of the communication where I had the chance to practice before. A sector where the frequency of contacts is colossal.

“Digital Care” is a fairly original job title, what does this notion cover? What is your mission? What are your values? This position responds to a simple observation: customer relations were historically offered via our historical channels (mail, telephone, and more recently emails) but not via the new digital channels used daily by our customers (instant messaging, selfcare, FAQs, social networks ). It was no longer coherent. We had to stick more to the uses of our customers to respond to their problems and satisfy them. One of my missions is to understand how digital can help us. Thanks to social media, we seek to be closer to our customers, to listen to them in order to create links.

What is the tool / application that you cannot live without?

Social media and digital now offer customers the possibility of responding directly to the messages we send out in advertising. The latter has the tools to express his opinion more easily. This ability is no longer limited to initiates. Everyone can thus respond to the brand, or even discuss with their peers outside the brand spaces. This therefore requires great vigilance, coupled with an excellent capacity for listening and analysis. Carrefour 2020 competition game Carrefour is particularly renowned for the richness of its content and the engagement of its audience. What are, according to you, the 2 or 3 essential levers of a rich and engaging content strategy?


Above all, and systematically, we must think about our audience and our targets: Who are we for? What is my target doing? What does she consume? What channel is it on? Knowledge of our audience must become more precise and relevant in order to successfully describe it in its diversity. In this way, we determine where to send our messages and how to best address them. The second lever is more technical: mastering and using data to better target. It is essential to meet the customer imperative: “where I want, when I want”. Finally, it’s not enough to deliver content to the right place at the right time. It is also essential to ensure quality creation adapted to the media (mobile, not always sound, limited attention time, imperfect connectivity).

What qualities should a Social Media Director have?

January 2020 Carrefour sales What is your secret to developing and maintaining a positive relationship with your customers? It is extremely important to rely on our customers: what are they buying, what media are they consuming and how are they consuming them? I also find it particularly interesting to use client verbatim to feed our social media strategy. Thanks to digital, everything has changed! We can now rely on concrete and precise data. The richness of the data makes it possible to put the facts into perspective with objectivity. It is an opportunity that you have to know how to seize and exploit. What good practices do you adopt to monitor, evaluate and, possibly, adopt new social trends that emerge regularly?

I have implemented complementary practices to achieve this. Historically, I test for myself. Whether it’s for Tik Tok or Snapchat, for example, I try to force myself to use new things on a daily basis. I thus try to avoid as much as possible the speeches on what I do not know. In addition, I also have the chance to be able to compare my own impressions with the recommendations of the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) that I meet regularly to discuss and keep me informed. Finally, I am attentive to the consumption, practices and advice of the youngest members of my team. This reverse mentoring is very challenging and very enriching. Currently, they are challenging us to invest more in storiesand get started on Tik Tok!

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