In organizations, the diversity of profiles does not only respond to the societal problem of inclusion. It also allows companies to design better projects. Anne-, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at AXA France and President of the Handicap Assurances Mission of the French Insurance Federation, is convinced that diversity is a strength for the company. In Qatar WhatsApp Number List interview, she details the programs that she manages to promote equality and work-life balance for employees. Beyond the benefits for employees, these initiatives improve company results. Our conviction is as follows: the singularities of each employee are strengths for the company. Moreover, if we take the concrete example of a meeting, it is often the diversity of individualities that allows the emergence of innovative approaches. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our DNA. We have been pursuing a proactive policy for many years.

This is reflected on a daily basis in actions promoting a fair working environment and we fight against all forms of discrimination, by being vigilant in analyzing all reports. Differences must be recognized and protected. We also make sure to raise awareness among our employees, and in particular support managers. Programs are piloted to promote non-discrimination during recruitment and in day-to-day management. For example, during integration, which can be a particular step for employees with disabilities. We also manage the parenting policy and programs to promote long-term employability. It’s a long-standing commitment! By taking concrete actions: in 1994, we signed our first Handicap company agreement, then the Diversity charter in 2004. Since 2006, a company agreement has governed professional equality and diversity. We then signed the LGBT charter in 2015, the one against sexism and the UN Principles for the Empowerment of Women in 2018.

What Are Your Commitments In Favor Of Diversity And Inclusion

These commitments are part of a logic of continuous improvement, they are concrete and have been recognized through State labels (Equality and Diversity). It is a recognition of the merits of our actions, of their usefulness, and it encourages us to continue our efforts. To be effective, the policy in favor of diversity and inclusion is carried at AXA, not only by HR but more broadly by the hierarchical line up to the highest level, and in all entities, in a proactive manner. How do you analyze the lack of diversity in the digital professions? We are looking for diverse talents, including female profiles, who are still too few in the IT professions. On the job market, there are 28% of women in digital technology and only 16% in tech. This situation feeds stereotypes about digital professions, perceived as very masculine.


When choosing their orientation, too few secondary school students choose digital professions even though they correspond to many job opportunities. As a benchmark employer, it is essential for AXA to help young women in particular to get into these professions. Are you taking specific actions to promote gender diversity in your IT departments? Our programs are designed to capture and retain top talent, whether male or female. At the same time, we seek to raise even more awareness among female talents to bring to their knowledge this type of fascinating profession, through specific actions such as: Support from Wi-Filles and Numériqu’elles: we support these initiatives, which promote digital culture and professions among middle school students when they choose their professional orientation.

How Are Your Convictions Reflected In Concrete Terms

Employer brand actions targeted during recruitment / employer branding operations: for example, AXA employees took part in the DEVOXX event, a national benchmark event for developers, in order to promote accessibility for all IT within the company. Development of female talents, at all levels: we are developing our pool of female talents internally, including in the IT professions via a “tandem sponsorship” program between a member of the top 50 and a female talent. Gender diversity at AXA is reflected in that of its DSI management committee, which tends towards gender parity. In summary, through our actions, we want to promote diversity – and diversity more broadly, including in digital professions. The heterogeneity of profiles is key to the success of our IT projects.

More generally, in France, our employees can also participate in a network promoting diversity and inclusion (Mix’iN). There are 1,400 members (women and men together!) Who share their experiences and exchange good practices to promote the inclusion of everyone in the company: how to gain impact, how to reconcile professional and personal life… C is a very popular initiative, whatever its profession. Regarding the reconciliation between professional and personal lives, how can companies support parenthood? Parenthood is a major subject, we are convinced of it: it is a strong expectation of our employees, hence our differentiating policy on this subject. Concretely, we offer longer and 100% paid leave to our employees. 83% of fathers take their paternity leave; at AXA France, it lasts 28 days compared to 14 days in France.

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