These are vertical videos that appear in search results on mobile and on Google Chrome. When a user types a specific question about a celebrity, a “selfie video” comes first in search results. We see the celebrity herself answering the question asked on Google in a video like a direct or a Story. A series of questions and answers is thus pre-recorded and the Internet user can scroll through them after asking one of these questions in the search bar. Twelve celebrities, such as James Franco, Nick Jonas, Mark Wahlberg or Tracee Ellis, thus lent themselves to the game by answering the most popular questions on the search engine. You can test this format by going to the Google typing “Can Tracee Ellis Ross Sing?” “. According to Google, this format will be extended in the coming months to other celebrities and to other countries.

This craze for videos encourages platforms to create new products linked to this format. So, since this year, Google has integrated videos into mobile search results. On some requests, a carousel appears containing several videos present on YouTube or on web pages. If the Internet user is connected via Wi-Fi, a preview of each video is launched when the carousel is scrolled. In the same vein, Google is in the process of testing in a few Anglo-Saxon countries Iran Phone Number List automatic playback of certain videos found in search results. One thing is certain, the video will be more and more present in the search results of Google. And its latest novelty confirms this trend. Google has just announced a new format currently deployed in the United States: “Answered on Google”. “Answered on Google”: vertical videos in mobile search results Answered on Google: the video arrives in the search results.

“Answered on Google”: vertical videos in mobile search results

We can even imagine that the Answered on Google could be extended to companies or to Google News. The “Answered on Google” in any case strongly echo another new format: Google Stamp. Google Stamp: Stories on the results page Announced last October, Google Stamp would be directly inspired by Snapchat’s Discover. It would therefore be horizontal videos in the form of Stories in AMP format, hence the name ” St – AMP “. According to Recode , Google has already approached media and publishers such as Conde Nast, Mashable, CNN or The Post. Like Answered on Google, Google Stamp is a mobile-optimized format that should appear at the top of search results, but also on the relevant media site. Much like Snapchat’s Discover or Instagram Stories, Google Stamps take the form of images, text, or videos that the user can scroll and click to view the selected content.


The evolution of the results page therefore implies adjustments in your natural referencing strategy. In addition to creating video content, it will be necessary to optimize their referencing to take advantage of this new form of visibility on Google. Our experts who keep abreast of the latest technical actions to be deployed according to the evolution of the SERP will be able to support you in these new SEO strategies . Feel free to contact them. Likewise on social networks, the formats developed in 2017 and those announced in 2018 guarantee you better engagement and click rates. * “People and experience at the heart of tomorrow’s commerce”, July 2017 ** “What is the state of mind of consumers for shopping”, Mood Media, June 2017 Millennial buying journey: how do they buy? But how do you adapt your loyalty program to Millennials? Above all, the device needs to be digital, interactive and on mobile.

Google Stamp: Stories on the results page

According to the latest report from Ericsson, the format is expected to represent 75% of mobile traffic by 2025. These upcoming news shows us how video will increasingly impose itself on the SERPs. Is an agency specializing in digital strategy. Its team is made up of varied profiles, in order to combine technical expertise (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics certifications) and sociological expertise, in particular on the behavior of Millennials. Our goal is to advise you and support you in your best endeavors . Take care of your web design with our Creation Department also works for large accounts on international campaigns. Just as content should be unique, so is your visuals. Take care of your web design with our Creation Department This is why, at we have decided to strengthen our teams in this area and to create the Creation Pole, the services of which are detailed here .

The best SEO agencies follow the current . They will guide you in your SEO and SMO strategy . Because the hashtag turns out to be a very useful tool to boost your visibility organically. The advantage for you? We will explain this to you right away # read this next paragraph Hashtag: marketing tool for optimized SEO The Hashtag yes, but wisely! A brand or a company has every interest in integrating a hashtag in its SEO strategy . But we must remain vigilant not to fall into a counterproductive strategy commonly called: #tropdehashtagtuelehashtag. Also, did you know that it is recommended not to post more than two hashtags per tweet, at the risk of losing quality content? On the other hand, on Instagram, it is advisable to use it. If half of the posts have at least 4 hashtags, posts with 3 hashtags are the ones with the highest engagement rate.


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