Today, I decided to write this article (the first in a series on this topic) on a question that was asked to me during a date with a prospect. During this Honduras Cell Phone Numbers List interview, the prospect, disappointed with the agency that preceded me, looked me in the eye and asked me the following question: Are digital marketing agencies really useful for my business? “. My opinion on the matter may be slightly biased knowing that I work in this sector but here is a small part of my long opinion on the matter.

“Are digital marketing agencies useless? ”
Long story short, I think they’re not unnecessary, but not everyone needs them. It depends on how well your digital marketing strategy works for you and your business.

Online marketing is absolutely essential these days!
We live in the internet age and all businesses must market their services online if they are to be successful.

The majority of consumers research a new business online before making the decision to go there . And often, they compare several options and rank them based on online reviews before deciding to buy.

Use Detailed Reports To Measure Roi

So even if you have a brick and mortar business, you will lose a lot of potential customers if you cannot be found online or if your online presence does not look good. And these customers are turning to your competitors , who are investing in their digital marketing.

So what is the solution to this dilemma?
Don’t try to do it all yourself .

One of the options is to learn digital marketing skills yourself . For example, many founders try to do some social media marketing in their spare time.

But unless you have the right knowledge and some spare time, you won’t be able to run an effective marketing campaign that makes your business grow quickly.


And that’s just social media. Digital marketing includes many different methods and strategies, ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) to pay-per-click advertising (SEA), and content marketing to online reputation management.

If your core business isn’t digital marketing, you won’t have the expertise to cover all of these areas and chances are you don’t know half of them. Let alone which ones are most likely to help your business grow.

Hire someone internally
“ Why not hire someone internally to take care of the aspect of my digital marketing ? This question may have crossed your mind.

The average salary of a marketing manager in Belgium is around 67,000 / year ( Source ) but we know that the real cost of such a salary is higher, which makes this solution less profitable .

In addition, will he do what you asked him to do because you think it could work or will he dare to be against your ideas to suggest you and put in place solutions adapted to your needs like an agency? would do?

Also, do you have the resources to keep someone part-time or full-time for this function? Some aspects of digital marketing take a long time to take hold, will you have the backbone of your business to support the load of an employee?

Finally, digital marketing requires tools and materials to be able to be implemented but also to verify the effectiveness of campaigns. These tools add an additional cost to YOUR expense .

Call On An Agency For A Strategic Consultation

Call on an agency for a strategic consultation Before you even decide to outsource your digital marketing, an agency can be immensely helpful in analyzing the current state of your website and current efforts. In addition to giving you advice on specific marketing strategies and channels that will be most effective in growing your business. Get high value at low cost from a good digital marketing agency!

If you hire an agency to develop your digital strategy, you will find that they will provide you with a wide variety of skills at a much lower cost than a full-time employee. Digital marketing agencies are experts in different services such as: website design, search engine optimization (SEO), digital advertising (SEA) as well as page management on social networks, etc. This is possible because each team member is highly specialized in their field and each team works for several clients at the same time.

So you’ll pay a relatively low price to get the help of a highly skilled marketing team to effectively promote your business , instead of using half-your-own or hiring expensive in-house staff.Use detailed reports to measure ROI “ If I hire an agency, how do I know if the agency’s efforts are actually contributing to the growth of my business? ” This is a good question to be answered by defining clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and indicating how they are expected to improve over time . KPIs are the metrics that define the success of your business – for example: an ever-increasing number of new customers per month.


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