Also, since 2015, it has been possible to integrate a “donate” call-to-action button on its Facebook page and in advertisements. But recently Facebook launched new charity tools intended for associations. How to collect donations for your association? Add a “Donate” button to your Facebook Page From the home page of your Facebook Page, you must click on “Add a button and select” Make a donation “. Among the call-to-actions offered in the list, you can also choose “Call now”, “Send a message” or “Registration” to join the association or make pledges. Facebook page: easily collect donations for your association Source If you choose the “Donate” or “Subscribe” button, you will then have to enter a URL that will redirect the future donor or volunteer to your website, or better, to a specific landing page such as a donation page, a donation page. membership or a pledge form.

Facebook has planned a specific type of page for associations ( Create a Page > Company, organization or institution> Non-profit organization). Note that these same call-to-action buttons can be used for Facebook ads. You will notice that to make a donation, you are necessarily redirected to the association’s website. One more step, a loading time that may be too Pakistan Phone Number List which can sometimes discourage some donors. That’s why Facebook is launching a new call-to-action button. Collect donations directly from your Facebook page With the new functionality of Facebook, the button “Make a donation” is always located on the home page of your Facebook page. But great novelty, it can also be integrated into your publications whether they are in a video, image or text format. In addition, the donation will no longer be made on your site, it can be made directly on Facebook without the user having to perform additional steps.

How to collect donations for your association?

Facebook page: easily collect donations for your association Launch fundraising campaigns
Facebook’s new “Fundraiser” tool lets you easily launch a fundraising campaign from a dedicated Facebook Page. Any user who rallies to your cause can create this fundraiser for the benefit of your association. This dedicated page will serve as a support to promote the news and missions of your association while promoting the call for donations. By displaying the fundraising objective and its progress, the user is more inclined to make a donation, especially as this mobilization will be shared with his friends. With each donation made, the user can share their action on Facebook and invite other friends to donate. In addition, the user who has entered his anniversary date on his Facebook profile can receive money for the occasion, the money collected is then directly donated to the association chosen by the user.


The social network with 33 million French users is a significant showcase for associations. The Facebook page allows them to make themselves known, to show their projects and missions, and to join new donors and volunteers to your cause. And all of these gifts are achievable without leaving Facebook. Facebook page: easily collect donations for your association Obtain donations during a Facebook Live Facebook Live is a great tool for sharing your events with the general public. With the new functionality of Facebook, you will then be able to solicit users live during and after your Facebook Live thanks to the “Donate” button. Facebook Live is a good way to attract users, to encourage them to rally your cause and to involve them in the event while encouraging them to contribute financially to the missions and actions in progress thanks to the call for donation.

Collect donations directly from your Facebook page

Already tested in the United States, these new charitable tools have proved their worth as more than 750,000 associations have already used them. These easy-to-use and effective tools for quickly raising funds should be of interest to French associations. Les de France are already benefiting from the Fundraisers program. If Facebook’s approach of giving additional means to associations and organizations to raise funds via their Facebook page is quite commendable, we nevertheless regret that these tools are not completely free. Facebook charges 5% fees on the total funds collected. much more than other platforms of the same kind. However, you can still use other means to engage donors through Facebook. Good community management and relevant sponsored publications , it is possible to collect donations without going through Facebook’s fundraisers program. A Social Media strategy that you can completely entrust to our social network experts .

The idea is to offer them tools to encourage and supervise donations. Facebook page: easily collect donations for your association These new tools now available in France can be tested here. We cultivate our talents to support brands in their 360 digital strategy. E-commerce, Black Friday, Christmas, Winter sales: how to achieve end-of-year sales? Google has just announced on its blog the arrival of promotion extensions that allow you to display a promotion relating to a high point in e-commerce under text ads. Among the 12 possible events , we find Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. Promote drive-to-store The Internet is also a great tool for physical retail. The search engine serves as a springboard to promote your brand and your products. On Christmas Eve, between December 18 and 24, Google records a search spike on the query “Where to buy”.

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