As a reminder, AMP (for Accelerated Mobile Page) which was launched a little over a year ago is a format allowing to accelerate the display of web pages on mobile. We told you about it here . From now on, advertising will also be entitled to AMP since you can opt for a landing page in AMP format for your ads on the Search Network. In addition, ads served on the Display Network will automatically appear in AMP format, meaning they will appear much faster than before. In-Market audiences on Search During Google Marketing Next, a new targeting option was announced for the Search Network: In-Market audiences. Already available on the Display, this option allows you to target Internet users most likely to buy a product similar to yours, i.e. people who are looking for this product or those who are really considering buying it. ‘to buy.

AMP format arrives on Display and Search Also in a desire for Mobile-First, Google has announced new features concerning AMP. With this targeting option, you maximize your chances of getting conversions from an ultra-skilled, ready-to-buy target. New features for YouTube campaigns Two new features are arriving on YouTube: The location extensions already Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List on the Search Network and the Display Network will be soon on YouTube. Users will therefore be able to find you directly from an ad on YouTube. As a reminder, location extensions look like this on Search Network text ads: AdWords location extension Store visits conversion tracking to see if the clicks generated by your ads had an impact on the number of store visits. Thus, when the ad is displayed, users will be able to check your store address, opening hours, click on the “Call” button, and so on.

AMP Format Arrives On Display And Search

Google Attribution even measures the impact of an advertisement broadcast on TV on your activity (evolution of your website traffic, your sales or Google searches). Google Attribution also allows you to import your own data (email addresses, data from a loyalty program, etc.), but also third party data purchased from partners. Internet, social networks and video will allow you to increase your notoriety with this target and to seduce them in order to make them your future students. 6 good practices to promote your school thanks to digital Digital tool n ° 1 – Live I already talked about it in a previous article, young people appreciate video content, especially live streaming . They use Stories a lot on Snapchat and Periscope on Twitter , and to a lesser extent Stories on Instagram , the social network being used more by girls.


The live will allow you to show behind the scenes of your school , that is to say its environment, its premises, its atmosphere, etc. Digital tool n ° 3 – Snack content Generation Z is a “zapping” generation that gets bored easily and quickly. In addition, their attention span has dramatically reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. So you have less than 8 seconds to seduce them ! We must therefore focus on short content that goes straight to the point: snack content (or snacking content). Social network advertising platforms have also integrated it since they increasingly offer short ad formats. On Snapchat , for example, you will be able to use Snap Ads , videos of 10 seconds maximum broadcast between Stories . On Instagram, there is this same ad format between Stories , but 15 seconds long .

New Features For Trueview YouTube Campaigns

For more details, you can review the entire Google Marketing Next conference in the video just below . As this generation is mainly present on Facebook, Facebook Live can also be very interesting to develop your notoriety. Finally, YouTube recently launched a new 6-second advertising format : Bumper Ads . Digital tool n ° 4 – Social networks Building a community on social media is another way to promote your school. Creating an alumni community on LinkedIn where there is a strong sense of belonging, achievement and pride encourages future students to join your school. The same is happening on other social networks. On Twitter , you will promote your school more to professionals (companies, partners, journalists). On Instagram , it rather interested students and candidates . As for Facebook , you will unite everyone, current students as well as alumni and candidates, but also professionals and parents.

Last week (May 22-24), Google hosted a conference , Google Marketing Next 2017 , to present the latest news that will be incorporated into its advertising products. I had already presented one of them to you in this article about the evolution of the Google Attribution tool, now find out which ones will be deployed soon. And you will be able to check the impact on your in-store traffic. The “Stores sales measurement” Digital tool n ° 5 – Le Search Another way to recruit new students to your school is AdWords advertising , especially text ads . Text ads displayed on Search (Google’s Search Network) will directly reach your target if you bid on the right keywords . When the student goes to inquire about the Google search engine, he will first come across your text ad. Eye-catching text, relevant links and voila!


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