Looking at the 2016 figures on commitments generated on social networks, we can say that this strategy is bearing fruit. Ranking of banks and insurance companies that engage the most on social networks But to stand out, shouldn’t we go against the grain? In order to target a younger audience, some banks and insurance companies have taken to Snapchat. This is notably the case with Banque, LCL and very recently Crédit Agricole. As you will have understood, it is essential today to be present on social networks, even for banks and insurance companies. It is precisely a challenge for them to develop a relevant strategy in order to improve their image and their notoriety. But for that, you have to activate the right tools to generate interest, reactions and engagement. This is when our Social Media experts step in. Contact them to discuss your project.

Others are setting up start-up incubators or accelerators. BNP Paribas and Crédit Agricole, for example, are major players in this area and do not hesitate to communicate on this subject. BNP Paribas also launched a hashtag on Instagram (#CaptureTheChange) as part of a photographic project. So everyone can participate and help capture change everywhere. # 9 Focus on humor and creative content Humor and creativity are essential on social networks. They Uruguay Phone Number List people react and create commitment. In addition, it gives banks and insurance companies a warmer image, which usually gives off a cold and austere image. Following the release of the film Rogue One, Société Générale, for example, put forward its bank cards in the manner of the credits of Star Wars. # 10 Be present where you are not expected Most banks and insurance companies are present on social networks.

Use Sports Sponsorship To Create Engagement

American Express is also very active on Facebook, offering good deals at reduced prices and winning places for cultural activities. La Banque has also launched a raffle for one of its video publications. It has totaled over 385,000 views. # 7 Do prevention and give advice Banks and insurance companies are very well placed to provide advice and tips to their subscribers on social networks. Hello Bank !, MMA or even BNP Paribas, all have understood the importance of publishing useful content. They tackle all kinds of topics of everyday life to provide solutions for their subscribers. Health, real estate, studies, road safety, birth, claims, etc. The topics covered are very broad. # 8 Support startups and innovative projects Banks are increasingly active in the field of start-ups and new technologies. Some offer specific support and funding to support innovation and business creation.


On Instagram, for example, La Banque highlights sections of life and people with different trajectories (entrepreneurs, craftsmen, shopkeepers, etc.) who have succeeded in their activity. HSBC and are also opting for this strategy. HSBC Social networks Banque Instagram Banque Social networks Instagram To strengthen this close link, ING Direct takes a look behind the scenes of the bank to humanize its communication. # 6 Offer promotional offers and good deals Many banks and insurance companies set up games. Just like the example of Société Générale seen above, it is important to offer games to attract and make the community react, without forgetting to reward them with gifts to satisfy them and retain them. In partnership with cinema-related events, BNP Paribas regularly offers games to win cinema tickets, for example. Some, like BNP Paribas, are increasing their presence by positioning themselves on several social networks at the same time.

Showcase Your Products To Arouse Interest

The same goes with a community on a social network. And the more you interact with it, the more you engage it, the more visibility it will bring you to other users. Social networks give you the opportunity to interact with your followers in different ways. Be imaginative! One thing is certain, the games are very popular. Société Générale has just launched a hunt for Space Invaders. In another register, regularly offers polls on its Twitter account to make its community react. # 5 Forge a close bond with its subscribers and customers To unite a community, it is precisely necessary to give it the impression of belonging to a community. You have to be close to them, which is not so easy when you exude a formal and institutional aura. Certain banks and insurance companies take advantage of social networks to convey a feeling of proximity.

We can say that they have totally appropriated the codes of Instagram, but not only. On Facebook, they are also very active. Shortly after launch on Facebook, American Express quickly embraced this new, immersive format. # 3 Surf the trends of the moment There is no secret in communication and marketing, you have to be very attentive to current trends and above all to be responsive. Taking advantage of a fad, buzz, or news item can get you talked about and build engagement. The Go phenomenon, for example, inspired Société Générale on Instagram two days after the game’s launch in France. Likewise, animals, and cats in particular, are popular on social networks. ING Direct did not hesitate to use a cat photo on Instagram. # 4 Create interaction with your subscribers There is no magic formula to perpetuate a relationship, it must be nurtured.

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