The podcast is making a comeback and the format is of interest to brands. Here are 5 examples of brands that have tamed audio to reach their targets. The podcast is not a new format. It appeared in the 2000s. It is a Sweden WhatsApp Number List word, contraction of iPod and broadcasting. According to an Opinion Way study for Audible , 39% of French people have already listened to a podcast – and this figure dates from 2017, it has undoubtedly evolved since. A more recent survey ( Edison Research , March 2019), but carried out in the USA, revealed that more than one in two Americans had already listened to a podcast and that 32% of them had listened to a podcast last month. Proof of the popularity of the audio format among users. The podcast for brands During WebCampDay 2019

Of which BDM is a partner, Camille Poignant and Thibault Tourvieille de Labrouhe (Supernatifs) presented some branded podcasts – before presenting the strategy and the process of the podcast they broadcast on behalf of their agency, Super Daily . Wet the shirt , the Figaret house podcast The ready-to-wear brand has existed since 1968. Its podcast, produced by Nouvelles Listenes, allows the company to renew its image. The format is quite classic, 45 minutes of interviews, conducted by the editor-in-chief of Challenges magazine, a podcast every two weeks (a popular rate for podcasts). The content is quite trendy, we are talking about entrepreneurship, career paths, and the quality is there. Chalalove , the Gemmyo podcast The jewelry brand started with a simple observation: jewelry is bought by couples

The Great Return Of The Podcast

For the content of his podcast, Gemmyo therefore decided to talk about lovers. They come back to their meetings, the phases of their stories… “The podcast is a very good way to address customers and prospects without talking about yourself. Gemmyo targets couples and gives them the floor on Chalalove ”. The authors of Super Daily recommend episode 2: Liliane and Roger, 68 years of love. Le Faubourg des rêve , the Hermès podcast The podcast is particularly suited to luxury brands. The format is immersive, it allows to offer an experience. “In this podcast, the name of which evokes the famous address of the Maison Hermès, we can hear passers-by, the creaking of the steps… It’s very worked, very neat, in accordance with the image that the house wishes to convey”.


Hermès gives the floor to its creators and the executives of the house, to take the listener into his universe. It is offered in 2 languages ​​and the 9 episodes of the first series were released on the same day, like some series on Netflix. In the same spirit, you can listen to the podcast of the house Veuve Cliquot. Begin , Caroline Rey and Amélie Delacour’s podcast 45 minutes every 15 days: this is the length and pace chosen, as often, for the Begin podcast. We follow the entrepreneurial adventure of two 28-year-old roommates, who decide to launch their own brand. “We see behind the scenes, it’s rare content: the phone records discussions, some negotiations even, we see the company moving forward, it’s fascinating” . Proof of the effectiveness of the podcast format: “When the commercialization started, the success was immediate.

Begin , Caroline Rey And Amélie Delacour’s Podcast

This podcast is somewhat reminiscent of the blogs which, at the time, gave a glimpse of the backstage of companies ”. Before their launch, some brands activate similar mechanisms, on social networks, with photos, stories… The podcast can also be effective in bringing together a community even before the products are marketed. Feedback: Super Daily , the Supernatives podcast Camille Poignant and Thibault Tourvieille de Labrouhe obviously spoke of their own experience, in detail. They will be celebrating the 200th episode of their podcast this Monday. The Supernatives agency supports brands in their social media strategies. In the episodes of Super Daily, the authors logically decipher news or trends related to social networks. This allows them to prove their experience and their knowledge of the issues.

Each episode is listened to 1,700 times, on average, on podcast platforms . Brands are interested in podcasts, like they were interested in video, but they are afraid of three things: the skills, the tools, and the time it takes to produce and deliver a podcast. In this regard, 3h30 are needed to create and promote an episode of Super Daily: 2 hours of preparation, 30 minutes of recording, 1 hour of “social media recycling”. “Social media recycling” corresponds to the design and distribution of extracts for social networks: audiograms are generated to arouse the interest of Internet users. A very good idea to increase the audience of your podcasts. According to Camille Poignant and Thibault Tourvieille de Labrouhe, the podcast makes it possible to capture certain moments of attention, especially when on the move, when the Internet user is available.

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