In search marketing, Black Friday is a rather special event that requires a dedicated strategy. In partnership with the SEISO specialist, we offer you a complete guide to succeeding in your SEA actions during Black Friday. Black Friday must fully mobilize the purchasing levers in order to Cyprus WhatsApp Number List advantage of a day when Internet users will buy a lot on e-commerce sites. Usually, we launch new SEA campaigns, we carefully optimize them in continuous improvement mode, for example with the Google Ads SEISO audit to develop the Google Ads account over time. Black Friday is a different event: you have 24 hours to make the most of your offers and market demand (71% of 18-24 say they want to take advantage of Black Friday offers).

A bad announcement, a bad bid, bad parameters can spoil this key day (+ 500% of turnover at, twice as many orders on Amazon…) for your business. The worst part is that even if you choose not to participate in Black Friday, you can risk spending your Google Ads budget at a loss by finding yourself in the middle of advertisers who will go out of their way to stand out. To help you, here is a complete tutorial in 7 steps to properly configure your Google Ads campaigns. Capitalize on the past You have to make the most of what you have learned from your business and from Google Ads governance. To do this, nothing better than relaunching a complete 12-month audit of your campaigns with, a free tool that allows you to audit your campaigns. On this basis you can already clean up the account.

Capitalize on the past

Now you should be able to answer the basic questions: Are your impression rates greater than 80% on queries that include your brand? What are the generic messages that perform the best? On the non-brand: do you have better performance on ads with a product / quality approach or rather those with a price / stock / delivery time approach? Are your core business products the best performing sponsored links? Take note of your CPC, CPA or ROI so you can quickly readjust your parameters at the end of the operation – if there is one thing not to do is to let the account do business as usual on Black Day. Friday! Ideally you should set a budget for the day (at least 30% higher than your usual daily budget) and a goal (CPA or ROI depending on the nature of your activity).


Define your arbitration rules upstream You will follow the business closely throughout the operation, there is a good chance that you will have important decisions to make during the day: What if your budget runs out during the day? From what ROI do you add the budget? How many ? What if the target ROI is not reached? What backup promotions will you be testing? What rules on the worst performing ads? What if your competitors display better promotions? What will be your margin rate cap per product line?
What to do in case of out of stock? Can you switch to another product? With or without promo? What if your strategic products don’t sell? Should you align with the competition, cut ads, or only show them by retargeting? If the answers have already been anticipated with the various decision-makers, it will be child’s play to manage your campaigns live.

If you are working with offers based on a specific coupon / promo code

Also, don’t forget to prepare for the day with the logistics and IT teams to make sure that the servers and the site will hold the load and that the ERP / shipping flow will be available and responsive on Black Friday. Manage auctions and budget Over a short period of time, smart bidding strategies will not be able to adjust properly to fluctuations that will occur during the day. We therefore recommend either disconnecting all the automation in terms of bidding during the day, or if it is easier for you, to modify the CPA objectives upwards and the ROAS objectives downwards, in order to make them more efficient. More competitive CPCs. Before the start of Black Friday, download the current auction levels (over a week for example).

Indeed, the day after the operation, it is more than likely that the intelligent (automatic) strategies and campaigns will be disrupted by the peaks of Black Friday and do not properly manage the days that follow. We therefore advise you to go back to manual after Black Friday for a period of 1 to 2 weeks during which you reuse the data that you will have downloaded before D-Day. Significantly increase the budget as seen in point 1. For example, on Black Friday the demand for smartphones increases by + 30%, for toys by + 50%. Secure a top 3 position for your ads to display your extensions and maximize your CTRs. Prepare your announcements You can’t afford to improvise at the last minute, ideally you should prepare your announcements a small week in advance. So you can be sure that they will be approved and disseminated from the first hour!

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