“The 2 most web days of the year, to be more efficient the 363 others”. For web professionals, this is one of the major events of the year – and we are very proud to be Blend Web Mix partners again. Next week, they will meet in Lyon to discuss tech, design and business. La Cuisine du Web Egypt WhatsApp Number List concocted a program in line with previous editions, adding a pinch of WordPress. You can register by following this link . The underlying subject for this year will be “Tech for good: a new hope? ” . This theme poorly masks the disenchantment that has affected the tech world for several years. Who is still able to quote Google’s “Be Evil” credo without coughing? – ask the organizers of Blend Web Mix. The Blend Web Mix is ​​aimed at all digital professionals, from marketing to development, including design and entrepreneurship.

For two days, you will be able to juggle conferences and networking to enrich your knowledge and make great encounters. The event takes place at the Lyon convention center. Click here to register. On the business side, we will have the chance to attend conferences rich in lessons. Many speeches will be devoted to SEO and new digital trends. Optimizing responses in voice search, Natalia Causes and challenges of digital populism, Frédéric (SYSK) Myths and realities around podcasts E-sport, a new playground for brands, round table discussion by (LDLC), David (OL), Romain Ragusa and Lina Pich (La Source) Can we do ethical SEO in 2019, Patrick (410 Gone), David You will miss the SEO redesign of your site, Alban Renard Google Analytics: from statistics to conversion optimization, Design: feedback and visual trends Blend Web Mix emphasizes as always the design, conception, optimization of user experience and interfaces.

Business: SEO, voice search, podcasts and Google Anaytics

Speakers will come to present concrete cases, others will share their vision of design in the digital age. Ethical design: what if we took action, Florence Tagger The MAIF design system, Baron (MAIF) UX design and strategy: the superpowers of prototyping, Clarisse Fighting complexity, Guyot Tech: open source, Kubernetes and Alexa Developers, architects and other technical professionals are also welcome to Blend Web Mix! Many subjects will be devoted to them. Open source is changing the world, really? Bertrand (Adobe) Why website factories are at the heart of all debates, Porte and Yacine Brahami (Niji) Reinvent the customer experience with Alexa, Benoît (Amazon) Collaborative disclosure, it’s wrong or not, Manuel (Korben) OVH.com from 1999 to 2019, and Damien (OVH) Kubernetes, watch out for sorcerer’s apprentices, Louis Tournaye (Zenika) WordPress: the new theme of BlendWebMix The great novelty of BlendWebMix is ​​the organization of sessions entirely dedicated to WordPress.


It’s natural: WordPress powers a third of websites, many web professionals use and develop solutions based on this CMS. You will discover how to set up a real SEO strategy on WordPress, how to understand the Gutenberg editor and how to make your site more accessible. To register, go to the ticket office . Vincent Courson, the Googler who whispers in the ear of SEOs, returned to the latest search engine news at the Digital Workshop in Rennes, this Thursday. No exclusive announcement, but an interesting reminder for SEOs and other marketers attending the event. Google uses digital channels to reach web professionals, in particular via its official blog and its Twitter account . Google’s spokesperson for the French SEO community, Vincent Courson, is also traveling to the region, as was the case this morning in Rennes.

WordPress: the new theme of Blend Web Mix

To discuss with professionals and communicate about the latest developments in the engine. He notably reviewed 10 new features recently integrated by Google, which we summarize below. An interesting recap to make sure you haven’t missed anything important this year. Standardize robots.txt The robots.txt file was invented in 1994 – even before the creation of the Google company. There is no official standard, Google encourages the digital ecosystem to standardize the interpretation of this important file, with proposals to improve the reference document, Robots Exclusion Protocol (REP). The noindex ignored in the robots.txt First impact on developers and SEOs: the end of support for noindex via robots.txt , implemented since September 1, 2019. Google recommends using the meta tags of the page that should not be indexed ( noindex), HTTP codes 404 and 410, or restrict access to pages via passwords,

And use the Search Console URL removal tool “in case of emergency”. Images are more and more important on Google Google notices that its users like images in search results. Consequence: images take an increasingly important place in search results – especially on mobile. Optimizing image referencing is therefore a major subject. A redesign of Google Images was rolled out on desktop this summer. Vincent Courson specifies that, for similar images in particular, Google is always interested in the context (what surrounds the image: legend, content of the ALT tag, descriptive texts located before and after the image, etc.) but that its algorithms are today able to understand what the images contain. In short: continue to optimize and contextualize your images, but do not hope to deceive Google’s algorithms too much.

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