Email is a company’s primary communication channel: 1.4 billion emails are indeed exchanged every day. To exploit this communication channel, there are solutions. This is particularly what Boost My Mail allows, which provides marketing teams with an all-in-one tool to manage Croatia WhatsApp Number List email signatures in complete autonomy. The email signature is a communication channel with a real human dimension. It is carried by the best ambassadors of its company: the employees. Using an email signature synchronization tool allows you to harmonize and manage 100% of your company’s email signatures. No technical knowledge is required to set up an account and one person is enough to synchronize the company’s signature to all of its employees. The big plus of Boost My Mailis to be able to deploy advertising campaigns in the format of a simple mail banner.

The administrator can schedule campaigns date to date and measure their performance with a simplified statistics dashboard. The impact of company news is then multiplied: announcement of a product launch, sharing of an event or relay of a promotion… You can communicate on all your news. The more the content is in line with the teams, the more impactful the campaign will be Inbound marketing to make email campaigns perform The email signature is one of the steps not to be neglected in a purchase maturation process: At the start of the sales cycle: a content strategy aimed at familiarizing your leads with your brand is the most effective option. Here are some examples of content to highlight: invitation to participate in an event, to download a white paper, to read an article on your blog.

Inbound marketing to make email campaigns perform

It is necessary to vary the banners as much as possible with more push communications, such as a promotion or product launch. The objective is to create a personalized contact with the recipient while promoting its brand and its expertise. At the end of the sales cycle: the email signature will offer content aimed at building customer loyalty or provoking word of mouth: video to share, link to a sponsorship offer, etc. Create a professional email signature in a few clicks From an email signature template, the main user creates the company signature in just 5 minutes. In the event that its employees work for several brands within the same company, again everything is well thought out, it is possible to associate several signatures with the employees. The experience is smooth and simple. Once registered for Boost My Mail, all you have to do is click on.


Create” in the “Email signature” tab and complete the form to personalize the signature with your professional contact details To personalize your signature template, it is again very easy: The main user will then be able to synchronize the new signature created to his collaborators and deploy his campaigns in the format of an email banner. He will also be able to access the dashboard and thus have a data vision of his campaigns and the deployment of his signatures. Campaign creation is really very simple. The tool’s UX, particularly well thought out, does not spoil anything. We particularly appreciate the dashboard which allows to have a view on its campaigns (and therefore on the effectiveness of this type of campaign), as well as on the proposed templates which allow to distribute beautiful campaigns quickly.

Create a professional email signature in a few clicks

Pricing according to the number of users In terms of price, the subscription offered by the publisher is flat-rate. It is calculated not by the number of emails sent or by CPC but by the number of users, i.e. on the basis of the number of employees of the company. The Premium Pack allows you to distribute mail banners in unlimited quantities. Making a place for the SEO FAQ in your SEO strategy is to give it a real boost. SEO speakers recalled this during the last edition of Blend Web Mix. The after-sales service FAQ is intended to take the strain out of customer service related to a website and to provide answers to users who have purchased a product and are looking to know, for example, a brand’s return policy.

Consulted by Internet users who face an unforeseen event after ordering a product, it is often built like an accordion. Its SEO interest is therefore very limited: it responds to specific requests from Internet users who are often already customers and search engines refer to it as a single page, however many questions it answers. It is a staple of e-commerce, useful content that meets a real expectation of Internet users, but it has nothing to do with an SEO FAQ. Why build an SEO FAQ? When they use a search engine, Internet users formulate more open-ended questions than searches for products or services. In other words, more of us enter a search engine for “unlicensed car maintenance” than to do the precise query “unlicensed car”.


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