Marketing professionals and salespeople today need to reinvent sales prospecting with a less intrusive approach. Lead Relationship Management, Lead Slovenia Email List Nurturing, Inbound marketing, social selling… Come and discover all these latest trends and techniques to transform your leads into customers. Decipher the challenges of Lead Relationship Management Discover Effective Lead Nurturing Strategies Understand the right techniques of social selling & inbound marketing A benchmark with inspiring examples A panorama of the latest techniques and trends An exchange session with an expert and pragmatic advice About the speaker: Karim Lekhchine is a consultant and trainer in digital strategy, he has supported 40 French & international companies and institutions.

We are expecting many of you, register !By virtue of their abundance and accessibility, data seem to provide complete and self-sufficient knowledge. However, they will often benefit from being deepened and interpreted by study systems. Better, such arrangements often offer greater efficiency and potential budgetary benefits. Evaluate the potential of the content and data available. Decipher the complementarity of studies in the face of data and the expected benefits. Define the most relevant study device to achieve its Valérie DAVID heads Epok, a marketing and sociology consulting and studies company. She will share her experience of studies in the new digital environment. Many good practices supported by concrete examples. An expert in marketing studies for over 15 years.

What are the 2 or 3 essential levers of a successful influencer marketing strategy?

Enriching exchanges with and between participants We are expecting many of you, register !Arrived at Gémo 3 years ago as a community manager, my development has been gradual and rapid with regard to the group’s strategy. The Social Media & Influence Pole, recently made up of just one person, now has 4 people: Our team has grown because the challenges are numerous. The subjects are in perpetual evolution. Our two main challenges are: structuring and coordination internal acculturation and social media performance For us, from now on, it is essential to make social media and communication business drivers. To do this, we have to make it understood internally. Thus, quantitative and qualitative measures have become our demonstration tools. We make sure to cross-check data from social networks with traditional metrics (retail and marketing).


This is also accompanied by a huge educational work: making people understand that we cannot have full control when it comes to social networks is not always easy. At Gémo, we are always very well received. Our colleagues are very attentive and pleasantly surprised by the impact and the possibilities offered by our initiatives. How important is influencer marketing to your strategy? How do you combine this leverage with your social media approach? Our influencer marketing serves the overall marketing strategy. It’s imperative. In our case, influencer marketing is a powerful lever to bring a new perspective on our brand through the prism of an influencer. Influencer marketing thus supports long-term work on the Gémo brand and allows it to be recognized as a fashion brand and no longer as a peripheral brand.

What qualities should a Social Media & Influence manager have?

We wish to highlight the skills and internal knowledge Gémo on which we have not capitalized until now. It is time to come out of this humility and claim our uniqueness. Influencer marketing brings this credibility by showing and showcasing our products in a modern way. The distribution between social media, influence and press is done in a very fair way. These different actions are closely linked and feed off each other. The influence of marketing detects trends and product s content to work in social media for example. It is a virtuous dynamic where each expertise is self-sustaining and where they resonate together. What are the 2 or 3 essential levers of a successful influencer marketing strategy?

I recommend working by project to ensure the relevance of the choices and partnerships we make. It is an approach that makes it possible to offer new, original and unique concepts each time. Each strategy has its objectives and its timing to be complete and complementary to the others. Indeed, the type of influencers and their notoriety do not meet the same objectives: The micro-influence brings us an interesting volume throughout the year to have continuous presence and visibility. The “big” influencers rather correspond to notoriety and business objectives. They come with much larger arrangements and larger budgets. There are many influencer marketing mechanisms, such as the creation of capsule collections worn by an ambassador for example.

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