But above all, it will be an opportunity to anticipate 2018 since we will devote a large part of this breakfast to the developments and trends that will mark this new year. Do you want to know what digital strategy to put in place in 2018? Come attend this event and chat with our experts. What to remember from 2017? Digital marketing is constantly evolving. This year was once again rich in novelties. Social networks are diversifying with new publication and advertising formats that are always more creative and interactive. The Google AdWords advertising network has also rolled out lots of new features, the most important change being the arrival of the new AdWords interface. On the SEO side, the predominance of smartphones in search and purchase habits is bringing about major changes. The mobile favors new uses, such as voice search, which changes the SEO actions to be implemented.

At the end of 2017, we are pleased to invite you to the new event organized. We invite you to meet on Friday December 22 at 8:30 am at Seine for a conference breakfast. Around fruit juices, coffees and pastries, we will come back to the important changes Italy Phone Number List have taken place this year in the world of digital marketing. Faced with these developments, the Mobile-First index, planned for 2018, is already being rolled out. What does 2018 portend? As SEO, SEA and social media evolve, you need to adapt your digital marketing strategy or it may be in vain. For example, you will need a mobile-friendly website to generate more traffic. For the latter to be of high quality, you will be able to attract qualified visitors by using the new advertising formats of AdWords, and this, more easily thanks to a more intuitive, fluid and efficient interface.

What does 2018 portend?

Do you want to find out more about the trends that will mark the year 2018? Do you want to know the levers to activate in order to succeed in your conversion strategy? So do not hesitate any longer. Take part in this enriching breakfast during which you will have the opportunity to easily discuss with several of our experts. Here is an overview of the points we will cover in a presentation, before moving on. You can also bet on paid SEO with Display campaigns (Google AdWords) to appear on blogs and sites visited by this generation. Millennial buying journey: which discovery channel? Source: tapbuy.io 2. Bet on “mobile friendly” 78% of Millennials discover products and brands from their smartphone (2017 IFOP study). Thus, 86% like that there is music where they shop. ** Similarly, 60% of 18-24 year want stores to do more than buy. *


Sephora offers a digital shopping experience in its stores. Their surface is reduced, since the stock no longer needs to be nearby. Digital tablets are installed to allow Millennials to conduct their comparisons. And sample dispensers are at the heart of the customer experience, so that they can consolidate their choice and move on to the act of purchasing on mobile. To keep them a little longer in the store, a selfie mirror and laptop chargers are available. Millennials-purchase-journey The decisive little extra Millennials are also referred to as the “why generation” because they keep asking and wondering. And they are ready to pay the price for justified differentiation . What are they waiting for? A personalized, tailor-made offer. This will lead to the act of purchase. As a result, the first contact is decisive and web analytics tools will be useful for carrying out your targeted campaigns.

What to remember from 2017?

Source: tapbuy.io Some brands have already decided to adapt to these new practices. In addition, their requirements lead the brands to be irreproachable on the basic service and to sublimate the differentiating element, in order to hit the mark. Volatile or loyal? Among the stereotypes that die hard on Millennials is the one that they are not loyal to brands. We would rather say that the criteria of loyalty have changed. While the previous generation was attached to consumer service and sales, the new generation is above all concerned with brand image and personalized offers. This concentric user approach significantly changes traditional marketing and can easily be expressed in digital marketing. A study notes that in fact, 65% of Millennials say they are loyal to brands ( study conducted in the United States by Adroit Digital ). It would be a shame not to enjoy.

In addition, the rewards must be able to be collected at any time. Finally, they should be exclusive and personalized. Sephora broke new ground with Beauty Insider. And of course, this program is available on social networks thanks to its dedicated hashtag: #BeautyInsider. Millennial buying journey: how to retain them? Source: tapbuy.io When Millennials communicate about their purchases Once purchased or consumed, the product is usually found posted on social networks. Posting, commenting or rating are all ways that Millennials express themselves. However, e-reputation comes into play in the act of purchasing and accounts for 96% in decision-making ! We understand that brands have every interest in encouraging the sharing of favorable opinions. But beware, the exercise is perilous. When the product is approved, praise floods social media. Conversely, in the event of dissatisfaction, the crisis is managed through the same channels.

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