However, you do not improvise an expert in social networks so easily. You have to understand how they work to grasp their full potential. This is what we are going to present to you during this breakfast conference. The breakfast conference on social networks: an event not to be missed! Why do you have to be present? Take note, we are expecting you on Thursday July 13 at 8:30 am in the de Seine. An unmissable event if you are a professional, whatever your target. Whether in social networks are tools that use. In addition to ensuring your presence on the Web , these are very interesting levers for achieving your various marketing objectives . Raising your brand awareness, attracting new prospects, generating web traffic, improving your customer relationship, enhancing your image and even selling are some of the goals you can achieve through social media.

For those who would not have the opportunity to attend our webinar on Tuesday July 11, 2017 , we are organizing a breakfast conference which will also be placed under the sign of social networks. What could be better than meeting around a breakfast to discuss a topic that could not be more topical. Social networks are part of our daily life. They are not limited to personal use. Today they have become powerful marketing tools for the professionals that you are. To Estonia Phone Numbers List this, you have to master them and optimize your strategy to “perform”. But how ? Our speakers will give you some answers. What is the program ? This conference breakfast will give you the keys to success on social networks. After the breakfast that will be offered to you, we will use our knowledge to answer these issues: Which objectives for which social network? What content strategy?

Who are the stakeholders?

Instagram and Snapchat will they be the luxury social networks of tomorrow? Luxury brands have finally plunged into the world of social networks and they have obviously found their strategy. However, the digital world is changing very quickly and requires you to adapt quickly. Will the arrival of Instagram’s new e-commerce features be a game-changer? The lines are constantly moving, especially between Facebook and Instagram. While the former still holds 42% of audience share, it has fallen. Instagram, its subsidiary, doubles its score. In one year, it went from 97 million likes to 194 million for the luxury sector. And what about Snapchat? What future can we predict for the ephemeral content network? It already has 150 million active users. Many luxury brands did not wait this time. They find themselves there, with intelligence, highlighting the backstage and stolen moments.


Our speakers will share their experience with you, provide you with advice and concrete examples. It will also be an opportunity to discuss with them and submit your issues to them. Who are the stakeholders? To host this breakfast conference, two of our social media experts will be hard at work: Thibaut NICOLAS: Social media expert at Romain PRAT: Co-founder – Marketing and communication manager Interested in our breakfast conference on social networks? So mark your calendar ! But above all, to be there, remember to register for the event We are at your disposal to lead them to the service of your brand or to advise you. This concerns duplicate content, but also pages with too many spelling errors. In other words, mastery of spelling, syntax and grammar is becoming crucial on the Internet. With a little less horsepower… a miniature car.

The breakfast conference on social networks: an event not to be missed!

How to engage and convert? Which KPIs to follow and how to adjust them? How to encourage your audience to react and share? On YouTube alone, the video has been viewed over 66,000 times. Is a digital agency aware of the challenges faced by luxury brands. We have been supporting large accounts for more than seven years in their thinking and their digital marketing operations, on the Web and on social networks. Our experts are certified Google Partner Premier. 6 / Brand Content and Shoppable Media The shoppable media is one of the major trends in e-commerce in 2018. This term refers to the options offered on content platforms to allow visitors to directly purchase the product. The phenomenon is particularly growing on social networks. It is to Instagram and Pinterest that we must turn . Brand-content-2018-influencerThe correct 2018 resolution? Work on the curation and commitment of its employees.

More generally, the trend for the coming year is to transmit as much service information as possible in addition to a product, or even depending on the weather or your location. Because 2018 will certainly be a flagship year for digital intelligence. The correct 2018 resolution? Integrate into your Brand Content. We write all kinds of content for our clients and actively monitor digital intelligence . 9 / Brand Content and GDPR In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in the European Union. What impact for Brand Content? It’s a safe bet that the principle of transparency will change the relationship between consumers and brands in the digital space. The challenge of Brand Content in 2018 will consist in countering the mistrust of customers in their purchasing journey and in the delivery of their data. Brand-content-2018-rgpd The correct 2018 resolution?

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