Discover the best practices of Social Selling for successful prospecting! Tuesday December 18 from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. 35 rue du Louvre, Paris 2nd Eritrea Email List How to find new customers? What different marketing and sales techniques should be put in place to accelerate without prospecting? Essential questions that marketers and salespeople must constantly answer. In the digital age, they now need to evolve and acquire new prospecting tools . Loïc Simon, founder of #SocialSellingForum will share his advice and tips for renewing your prospecting strategy thanks to Social Selling *. What prospecting techniques should be put in place in the digital age? How to become more efficient in finding, knowing and making contact with prospects? How to improve its commercial performance by allying with marketing skills?

Benefit from the advice of a pioneering expert at the cutting edge of new prospecting tools and the latest Social Selling practices. This breakfast will also be an opportunity to review the lessons and feedback from the 2018 editions of the #SocialSellingForum. We are expecting many of you, register! Antonin Chartier explains to us how he was able to make his brand, Jimmy Fairly , a benchmark in the eyeglass market and challenge himself on a daily basis. What is the Jimmy Fairly credo? Our core mission: to make quality glasses cool and accessible. How did you imagine your business model to rethink the traditional model? For us, there is not really a method but rather a state of mind . We have to put ourselves in a position to challenge the status quo.

What Are Your Next Projects And Challenges?

We simply seek to always question and question the existing in order to focus on the customer experience. We are convinced that this position is accessible to all. You just need to be smart. Anyone can find the solutions. You just have to be prepared to do it. This is how we confirmed our vision: we do not attack a market by price but by overall experience. The price must remain accessible but not only. The store should be fun, sales and advice should be incentivized when it comes to people. Our watchword: simplicity during the purchase, simplicity of the experience . Make it all beautiful, make it simple, and be brutally honest with the facts . How important is innovation to you in your business model? The key is to always question yourself: not to lie to yourself .


The main thing is not to innovate but to have a clear mission. The rest follows naturally. For us, it’s just about having the best customer experience possible. The main thing is not to innovate but to have a clear mission. What is the place of shops in your identity? In our sector, it’s hard to do without. Since glasses are a fashion and health product, they sell much better in stores than online. It’s hard to buy a pair of glasses without trying. The customer experience on the internet can be good, for example when it has to be just practical, but to convey an emotion, it is more powerful in the store. Your stores are an important part of the Jimmy Fairly identity and experience, how did you imagine them? It’s simple, to be the best you have to be inspired by the best : Apple,

You Have Imagined An Original Way To Interest In Performance And Motivate Your Salespeople, Which One?

Nike… We don’t necessarily look at what our competitors are doing. We should not limit ourselves to glasses, but refer to the best, whatever their sector. Why combine online and offline? How does digital serve your experience and the work of your salespeople? What vigilance do you need to have? Are there any limits to be set? Digital is not a subject in itself for us. The tool is at the service of the mission and not an end in itself. We are careful not to rely on fashions but systematically ask the question of profit . We are not trying to use digital at all costs. All that matters to us is to improve the experience by the way in which we will be able to use certain tools which are sometimes digital.

This way, it is the person you are speaking with who ultimately sells the product to you. The link is not broken. In this case, it turns out that it is thanks to digital that we can do that, but if we had been in the 60s, we would have done it with notepads. However, we wouldn’t have put in a cash register. It is not the technology that takes precedence but the use that is made of it. Everything must start from the experience and not necessarily from the support. You have imagined an original way to interest in performance and motivate your salespeople, which one? Our salespeople are incentivized following customer feedback. After each order, our customers receive their invoice and 2 questions by email: Would you recommend Jimmy Fairly? Did you have a good experience?

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