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Marie Laygue, trainer & consultant in commercial communication, shares her advice to create and maintain a quality commercial relationship. What are the 3 fundamentals of a harmonious business relationship Establishing a harmonious commercial relationship involves taking care of the relationship . It is essential for any company that wishes to develop its turnover and its margin, to forge strong bonds of trust with its customers. The commercial relationship is maintained by taking care of its customers by listening, presence and a sustained frequency of exchanges. Knowing your customers is the second fundamental to master ! The challenge for the salesperson is then to clearly identify the behavioral profiles of his customers, their wishes and their expectations in order to deliver the most personalized service possible. This is the origin of the commercial loyalty strategy!

What types of contacts should be privileged according to the challenges of the commercial relationship?

Finally, the last step in a harmonious commercial relationship lies in commitment or in other words ” how do you manage to transform good customers into brand ambassadors?” ” . Achieving this is the holy grail for any business. Capitalizing on qualitative prospecting based on feedback and customer testimonials from your prospects often makes it possible to stand out from the competition. 3 tips for maintaining good business relationships with clients? Remain as human as possible, on all communication channels used. Respond manually and in a personalized way by e-mail Do not hesitate to create real channels of discussion with your customers via professional social networks, blogs or other forums to strengthen the link and listening


As far as possible, give priority to a “face to face” meeting. It is from this human bond that my second advice stems: personalize your customer relationship as much as possible and do not hesitate to use elements collected off-line or displayed on your customers’ LinkedIn profiles. Finally, remain as transparent and honest as possible in the management of after-sales service or simple disputes with your customers. Knowing how to recognize a fault or understand the dissatisfaction of your customers by answering their questions within a reasonable timeframe is a guarantee of a relationship of trust. This also applies to responding to negative reviews on the Internet. Being transparent, honest and responsive in the management of an after-sales service or of a dissatisfaction plays on the good reputation of a company and makes it possible to retain a customer.

How to organize to ensure a quality commercial relationship?

How to organize to ensure a quality commercial relationship? Distributing your prospecting and loyalty time properly without neglecting follow-up and after-sales service are the key to good sales organization. It is also necessary to alternate the sales channels and use them in full complementarity according to the decision times, the preferences and the reactions of your customers. Another essential element: working in harmony with your support services when you are lucky enough to have one and / or your sales assistant. Indeed, committed and united teams will be more committed to making a customer satisfied. Finally, ensuring a quality commercial relationship concerns both its physical and digital network; the two are often linked.

What types of contacts should be privileged according to the challenges of the commercial relationship? The business visit can often be considered the preferred method of contact. However, sending a sales representative to meet their customers can be expensive (in time, travel costs, etc.). This approach does not always prove to be the most relevant. The solution ? Increase the number of contact methods, by combining them and adapting them to the profile of each client. To achieve this, you must segment your customer portfolio according to criteria specific to each company in order to determine a clear contact strategy. Two scenarios require a commercial visit :


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