This feature makes it possible to create a glitch-free digital experience around the user, even when they are on the move, allowing them to locate a restaurant, make a reservation or even an order, without even leaving the conversation window. Helping users and users to locate a structure directly via instant messaging is a significant opportunity for connected brands looking for traffic and innovation. A feature certainly preceding many others, Twitter doing more and more to facilitate exchanges between customers and (e-) merchants, and thus increasingly digitalize the customer experience and standardize its journey . At these are the themes that are just as important to us! If you want to operate a strategy on Twitter, whether it is Community Management tour or thoughtful and targeted advertisements , do not hesitate to call on our experts, who will know how to help you in exploiting all the opportunities of the network.

Despite the efforts of other social networks, Twitter remains the preferred platform for companies to manage their customer service , but also for customers to speak to a brand and converse with it directly and quickly. How it works ? This location sharing feature on Twitter can be very useful for shops, restaurants, hotels and any other “brick & mortar” business, helping their customers to identify them more easily. To be able to share their rental, the Uganda Phone Number List must first make a request. Then, the customer can choose either not to share it, or to share it precisely, or to choose the name of a place from a list: The TGI Friday restaurant chain in the United States used it to contextualize the conversations between their chatbot and users wishing to inquire about the nearest restaurant via Twitter Direct Messages.

How It Works ?

The group is responsible for qualifying its data in order to be able to target its shipments as best as possible, thus creating campaigns that adapt to the consumer’s life cycle. Key moments are recorded, and events like children’s birthdays, for example, become an opportunity to communicate . This type of campaign tends to create relationships, affecting the emotions of the receiver. Loyalty in common thread For the passport most loyal customers , Disneyland Paris offers annual passports , in order to offer the best deals to its best customers. Three different programs are offered according to needs and budgets, ranging from an access from 280 days a year to 365. They offer many advantages and exclusive discounts, such as preferential rates for shows and special evenings, as well as in restaurants. It is now possible for businesses to share and request a location from users via instant message on Twitter.


The seasonal campaigns revolve around the key events of the year (via personalized offers various targeting techniques for Halloween or Christmas for example). They are aimed at all customers, but still tend to focus on different services according to the desires and needs of each. Flash sales and limited offers The ” gap initiatives ” are used to support the flash sales , which, added to the emotional that already carries the park, creating urgency and envy , the variability of the offer being highlighted to capture the Warning. flash sales Lifecycle campaigns for a fully personalized journey This is the great novelty of April 3: while the platform is already multiplying the features to develop its aspects of customer service – welcome message, quick responses, customer feedback. – it is a whole new opportunity for companies that is added, and which allows them to create a revisited user experience.

B2b: Twitter Now Allows Location Sharing From Direct Messages

Loyalty programs must be part of the customer buying process , and thus include two different approaches depending on the market: in the leisure sector, there is a local market and a distant market . The first includes people living less than two hours from the park, and the second brings together all the other visitors, to whom we will naturally promote stays, for example. Four types of emotional-based emailing campaigns During the year, four types of emailing campaign are put in place to meet customer expectations in a personalized way. The needs are not the same depending on the targets, the campaigns then tackle various themes such as the magic of the place, the attractions, or the services offered by hotels. Each emailing is targeted , and plays the card of emotion to make the Internet user want to (re) discover the product and the Disney magic.

And unsurprisingly, it is on Facebook that the engagement is the most important. finance-accounts-and insurance-commitments # 2 Showcase your products to arouse interest Back on a customer strategy with formidable efficiency: playing on all channels, the brand’s universe continues in digital to capture, engage and retain more new customers. Fabien , Director of Customer Relations and Data at Disneyland Paris, ambassador of “seamless, effortless, personalized”. The group’s strategy is based on three ideas, all of which are part of the optimization of the customer experience. To use his words: Seamless, Effortless, Personalized . These three concepts – understanding Homogeneity, Ease, Personalization – are at the heart of all the strategies developed by the group, from the management of the application to that of the 17 versions of the site in 8 different languages ​​which welcome between 120,000 and 150 each day.

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